What is advergaming, the video game advertising?

Where does the advergaming come from?

Using computer games to advance a specific item or association is called "Advergaming". Wired magazine initially used this term in a section to describe the designation of free Internet hijackings by large organizations in 2001. There are three classes of Advergaming: ATL Advergaming, BTL Advergaming and TTL Advergaming.

ATL Advergaming can be considered a computer game of limited duration. The company merges intuitive computer games on its site to make its products more attentive among visitors to the site. This technique is also used to attract more guests to the web page and to expand the flow of site traffic. If breaks are made for the publication of an article, the article is presented in the deviation.

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What is the story of the advergame

Before the band's innovation, flexible circles and later minimal plates were used as a means to advance diversions and thus a specific element. It started with a circle of diskettes, essentially to make mindfulness the same as the advancement of objects. The first Advergame was awarded to American Home Food, created by Chef Boyardee.

Taco Bell and Coca Cola did the same by giving customers circles containing floppy disks containing time-limited deviations. The first Advergame to be scattered on a minimal plate was Chex and General Mill. The designs of these recreations have evolved from arcade style blaze to three-dimensional mode.

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Scenario and reason Advergaming

BTL Advergaming contains registration tools such as promoting deviation, lowercase and fun education. Normally, the mascot of the specific organization is defined as being the saint in these diversions. Pepsi man and Burger man were the mascots used at time-limited recreations, structured by Pepsi and Burger King individually.

The scenario of these diversions can be commercial, instructive or political, like the fun caused by the US military to engage more young people to engage in armed life and, moreover, recreation to Advancing games such as Formula One Dashing are also part of this procedure.

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What is the activity of the advergaming

In-amusement publicizing is progressively business type and is simply focused for advancement of the item through the diversion. This is truly getting and even motion pictures are advanced by this technique. Like on the site of the film, The Mummy, there are diversions which have a storyline like the motion picture and the player is given learning of the realities about the motion picture and its subject, Egyptian Mummy. Instructive Advergaming alludes to recreations that depict an ethical message to the players.

These diversions can also be used as a mode of administration as in EA Sports computer game; Pepsi standards line the box of the attraction. By using this procedure, organizations can offer inexpensive or free entertainment to customers. It also reduces the cost of entertainment with monthly expenses.

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What is the most common type of advergaming?

TTL Advergaming or via the Advergaming line is the least common type of advergaming. The URL joins are located in a deviation that takes players to the pages of the website, which have BTL Advergaming. Distinctive techniques are used to extract the reader from a specific web page. In the "Enter the Matrix" deviation, URL hyperlinks are delimited in private, which the player is forced to break to learn about the news identifying with the plot of the next dimension and same time promote the object.

The interest in discovering the subject of amusement attracts the player, despite the fact that it will probably not be important to break to complete the diversion. Such kinds of recreation are normally referred to as "continuing the connection," one connection causing another. In some cases, visitors to the site are attracted by a price that encourages them to click on the URL.

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Do you have to use advergaming for your marketing strategy

This method of advertising is extremely valuable because it arouses vigilance in the player as well as among his companions who manage the site on the recommendation of the companion. The success of Advergaming depends on the verbal exchange and is therefore called viral promotion. In 2004, this industry generated approximately $ 83.6 million and had 105 million players.

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