How to Make Money Blogging About Pets: A Beginner's Guide

The biggest benefit of pets is that they improve our lives. All pets reduce stress in their owners and help to avoid it. For example, canaries and parrots perfectly cheer up and save you from depression.

Not everyone has the opportunity to have a pet, so the only thing left to do is admire the cute pets blog.

Pets are a popular topic that can generate a lot of income. Especially if you have your own blog. The main thing is to approach this wisely. So here's how to make money blogging about pets.

Where to start: Choosing a niche and name

A couple of tips on how to start a pet blog.

First of all, it should be said: in order to blog about pets, it is advisable to purchase or already have your own pet. Firstly, it will allow you to write or shoot a video about what you already have experience. Secondly, you will be able to take unique live photos or videos with your pet. Such photos are much more interesting to the audience than those downloaded from the Internet.

However, this is not a prerequisite. The main thing is that the material is interesting and useful.

The topic of pets is quite broad. Here are a couple of ideas to blog about:

  • Your pet. You can upload cute pictures of your pet, tell funny stories about it, write about grooming, etc. The format is ideal if you blog, for example, on Instagram.
  • Pets in general. From cats and dogs to snakes and spiders. You can create several sections and talk about the health of pets, about caring for them, about education, etc.
  • Training and education. For example, dogs, cats or even parrots.
  • Care and health. In this case, write about one type of animal. For example, only about dogs. This will help you engage your audience faster.
  • Specific breed. For example, a blog about Great Dane, Pomeranian or Persian cats. One of the most convenient themes. First, there will always be something to write about. Secondly, you will already have an almost ready-made target audience - breeders and breed lovers.
  • Exotic animals. This could be a blog about unusual pets in general. Or about specific animals, for example, an iguana.

It is advisable to be well versed in what you are talking about. However, the material you need can always be found on the Internet. The main thing is to carefully check its reliability. Especially if the blog is about care and health.

Now about the name. It should be sonorous, not too long and memorable. And be sure to reflect the theme of the blog.

Where to Blog: Site Selection

The choice of site depends on how you want to blog - write articles, shoot videos or upload photos. The main types of sites:

Own website or blog

You can write texts on your own website. Or start a blog on a blogging platform. The second option is easier. The first one gives more freedom of action.

The most famous blogging platforms are Blogger, LiveJournal, Yandex.Zen and Wordpress ( - not to be confused with This is a ready-made platform with functionality and the ability to choose a design. It's free and you only need to register. However, there are few design templates here, and you will have to pay regularly for the opportunity to put your own domain and connect advertising. And more often than not, overpay.

Your site is much more convenient. However, this is paid and you will have to hire a programmer. Or figure it out on your own (in fact, there is nothing complicated about it).

First you need to choose a web hosting. This is where the site will be located. Here, at the hoster, you can purchase a domain. This address is in the format. After that, in the settings, you can select CMS - this is a site engine that will allow you to quickly publish content, change design, edit and delete articles, etc. We recommend staying on Wordpress. It is easy to understand, and the Internet is full of materials on this particular platform.

By the way, you can safely choose the cheapest rate for your blog. Better - with a shared server, rather than a dedicated one. This is enough for the head. A dedicated server is needed only for large and highly loaded projects with millions of visitors.


Suitable for vlogging. You can shoot anything - about caring for cats, about keeping a boa constrictor, breeding Dalmatians, about the life of your own pet.

In addition to YouTube, you can take a closer look at other similar sites. For example, Snapchat or Rutube.

However, it is better to choose YouTube. This is the best video hosting today. It has a large audience and many opportunities for monetization.

Note: Informative and educational content, as well as funny and funny videos, are good on YouTube.
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Ideal platform for short videos of a few seconds. The TikTok audience loves entertainment content the most. For example, funny videos of your pet are well received here.

However, you can try to publish educational material as well. For example, you can post dog training notes. Or, if you're a veterinarian, shoot short tips about caring for your pet.

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The best option if you want to share cute photos of your pet and make small funny videos with him. Such content is extremely popular with the Instagram audience.

Posts can be supplemented with text.

It's worth keeping in mind, though: An Instagram blog is harder to monetize.

How to grow business using social media?

Vkontakte or Facebook

Not the best choice for a pet blog. Especially if you decide to dedicate a blog only to your pet.

However, if you plan to post cute photo collections with animals or publish some scientific and educational content, you should take a closer look at these sites. You can create a public page and gain tens of thousands of subscribers. However, you will have to try and spend a lot on advertising - because of the great competition.

But it is better to use Vkontakte or Facebook as additional platforms. For example, as an additional source of traffic for your site.

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How to develop and attract traffic

To make your blog grow, you need to make an effort:

  • Post content regularly. One article and video can bring visitors for 5 or even 10 years. However, if you do not publish new content, the blog will surely fade away and stop bringing new subscribers.
  • Take care of the quality of materials. The modern audience is spoiled. Around - huge volumes of very different information. If you can't stand out, and the content isn't useful, interesting, or even funny, it will be difficult to gain an audience.
  • Think about SEO. This is search engine optimization. Makes it easier to find your blog on search engines. You need to select search queries that people can find you by. Use these queries in materials. For example, how to train a Chihuahua properly. Or “how to care for the fur of Persian cats”.
  • Advertise your blog. For example, other bloggers. You can also use contextual advertising, teaser ads and social networks.

It is better to use the listed methods together.

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How to make money: Choosing monetization

Earning opportunities also depend on the blog format. Let's take a look at the most common types of monetization and their features.

Ad networks

This is display advertising. Will be shown automatically on the site or in the video. You don't have to do anything. To connect this type of advertising, you need to register with the ad network.

However, ad networks have requirements for sites:

  • certain attendance per day (everyone has different requirements);
  • unique interesting content;
  • nice design.

The most popular and trusted network is Google Adsense. Suitable for website owners and video bloggers on YouTube. To get here, the site or video channel must have unique high-quality content. The video channel must have a certain number of views. But there are no traffic requirements for sites.

In addition to Google AdSense, you can connect to the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN). However, the site must have at least 500 visitors per day during the last month.

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There are other ad networks as well: Ezoic, AdSterra, PropellerAds, etc. Their income can be higher than in Google and Yandex. Some can be connected in parallel with Adsense. For example, Ezoic. It increases your Adsense income by about 1.5-2 times.

Pros and cons: monetizing a pets blog with display advertising

  • guaranteed income
  • full automation
  • low income with low attendance
  • content quality requirements
  • there may be attendance requirements

Partnership programs

It's about affiliate links. This is the most popular online advertising for bloggers.

An affiliate link is a link to an online store, a specific product or service. At the end of such a link is your unique code of numbers and letters. Thanks to this code, the advertiser understands that the client came to him from you. If someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you will receive a monetary reward. Usually a percentage of the purchase amount. But there are also fixed rates. For example, 80 rubles for each customer.

Affiliate links can be placed anywhere: in educational articles on your website, in posts on social networks, in product selections, in the sidebar, etc.

There are two ways to get a link like this:

  1. Start working with the advertiser directly. Many online stores offer affiliate programs. For example, Aliexpress, Ozon, Amazon and WildBerries. You can partner with them. Or find affiliate programs for pet stores, veterinary clinics, etc.
  2. Register in the CPA network. A simpler and more convenient option. The CPA network is the intermediary between you and the advertiser. It gives access not to one company or product, but to a whole catalog of advertisers. You can choose several affiliate programs at once and start advertising them. It is enough to register. The most popular CPA networks are AD1, CityAds and Admitad.

However, ads must match the content. If your blog is about sea turtles, don't advertise cat food on it.

Pros and cons: monetizing a pets blog with affiliate programs

  • there are usually no attendance requirements
  • high income with high traffic
  • suitable for any blogs
  • low income with poor attendance
  • need constant work on content

Direct cooperation

You can cooperate with someone directly. For example, with other bloggers. With veterinary clinics. With a pet vitamin manufacturer. With a pet store. With a dog handler. The choice is vast.

You can contact a potential partner yourself. Or you can just write that you are open to cooperation and expect proposals.

Pros and cons: monetizing a pets blog selling with direct influencers cooperation

  • high income
  • suitable for all blogs
  • personal conditions
  • need high attendance
  • it can be difficult to find an advertiser

Selling your own services and goods

The most time consuming and costly way. In addition, the blog should already have a formed audience.

You can write your own book and sell it. For example, about caring for cats, about raising and training dogs, about keeping an aquarium, etc. You can launch your own line of products. These can be clothes for animals, toys, scratching posts, houses.

If you're a veterinarian or dog trainer, you can promote your own services.

Pros and cons: monetizing a pets blog selling your own services and goods

  • high income
  • suitable for all blogs
  • personal conditions
  • need high attendance
  • large time and material investments

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