How To Make Money On A Fashion Blog: Creation, Promotion, Monetization

A fashion blog is a thematic website, video channel, or any other account on a special platform that is dedicated to fashion. Perhaps sanctifying the latest trends in this direction or considering one of the directions, or maybe the fashion of a certain time.

One way or another, this is a website that you first need to create or prepare for a blog. The creation of the site itself, an account or a channel is not tied to the blog topic (except perhaps only by its appearance) and is created in about the same way, both for a fashion blog, and for personally or any other.

But creating and launching a blog is only the very beginning of the journey. The next big stage will be development. Anyone who has already understood how this area works knows that just publishing materials on your blog is not enough. Visitors won't come by themselves, and subscribers won't come out of nowhere.

To get regular readers and subscribers, you need to promote your fashion blog. This is constant and serious work, with many nuances and subtleties. But with a well-built promotion, you won't have to wait long for results.

Well, the next stage, which is, in most cases, the goal in itself of creating any blog, is monetization. There are many ways to monetize, which together can bring substantial income to the owner.

How to do this, where to start and how to maintain the entire system, we will consider below in this article.

Example of a womens swimsuit fashion blog monetized with Ezoic display ads: beach fashion, swimsuits

What is a fashion blog

First of all, it is still a blog, which means that all those definitions that are similar to the concept of a blog are suitable for it: a blog is an Internet resource on which content (text, images, multimedia) is regularly published. For blogs, both for personal and for any other, it is characteristic to have the ability to comment on entries or even to fully discuss them.

Fashion blog example monetized with AdSense: What Can I Wear? Women fashion blog: handbags, clothing, accessories

A fashion blog is an author's project, on a specialized platform or on its own website, where the owner publishes information about any fashion trends or individual fashion trends of the present, past or future.

Fashion blogs, like blogs in general, can be aimed at:

  1. Communication;
  2. Self-presentation;
  3. Entertainment;
  4. Socialization;
  5. Self-development;
  6. Monetization.

The communication function of a fashion blog is not its main focus, but it can be one of the main reasons for its creation. The author of the blog, as a rule, goes into dialogue with his subscribers and readers, to discuss any issues raised and published in the materials.

Another, but already more popular, task of a fashion blog is self-presentation. Thus, you can tell a large audience about yourself.

It is not uncommon for such blogs to be created solely for entertainment and most of these projects perish under the pressure of competition, but there are also those that grow from a frivolous occupation into large personal projects.

Fashion blog example monetized with affiliate links: Mâle Raffiné gentlemen fashion blog

Socialization and self-development in a fashion blog, if present, are not as pronounced as, for example, in a personal blog. Still, a fashion blog is being created for some more specific purpose.

Well, the most popular reason for creating a fashion blog is its future monetization. Most often, this reason is the main purpose of creating such a resource and for good reason. The demand for this content is great, and there are many ways to monetize it. But first things first.

How to start a fashion blog

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information on this topic and, importantly, all of it will differ from each other: somewhere it will be said that starting your own fashion blog is as easy as shelling pears, and somewhere there will be multi-page material with complex actions.

It's incredible, but the sources that talk about the simplicity of creating a fashion blog are not lying. But what is more incredible is that where they talk about a difficult path, they do not lie either.

Probably worth explaining. A blog is primarily a website. And in order to create it from scratch, it can take a lot of time, labor and money. But there are ready-made solutions (blog platforms, services) where you can create your own fashionable (and any other) blog simply by registering.

There are several ways to start your blog:

  1. Dedicated blogging site;
  2. A site with a management system designed for blogging;
  3. Fully self-written website with blogging capabilities.

These three options have serious differences: somewhere you just need to register, and somewhere you need to purchase software, and sometimes pay developers to create it.

Choosing how to start your own fashion blog should be taken seriously. And it's worth starting with the fact that you need to determine the purpose of its creation. If the blog is created for entertainment, communication, spending time, then registration on a special resource will be quite enough and you will be able to take advantage of all the delights of the blogosphere at the time of registration.

If the plans are to develop a blog, promote it, and even more so monetization, then you should choose from hosting with the ability to create a blog or develop it from scratch.

Both of them are equally productive in terms of future monetization and work with it, but the second option does not require programming, layout and design skills.

So, to run your personal blog on a separate site, you need:

  1. Rent a domain name;
  2. Rent a domain hosting;
  3. Install a special blog management system on them;
  4. Connect and customize the design of the blog;
  5. Connect and configure multimedia services (if required);
  6. Start publishing content.

Domain is the site address that the user will enter into the address bar of their browser.

Web hosting is where your website (blog) will be located. All its files, databases, cache and other data necessary for work.

CMS is the most popular content management system today (for blogging) is WordPress.

If the choice fell on WordPress, then choosing a blog design from thousands of offers on the built-in market will not be difficult, and if you wish, you can find a way to install any individual design on this system.

Video hosting should also be chosen with the expectation that it allows integration into your content management system.

After setting up all the systems, you should think about the content. It is very important that the material posted on your blog is unique.

How to promote a fashion blog

Imagine that your blog has been created: a domain and hosting are selected, a content management system and design are configured, all services and plugins are connected, and even regular thematic content has already begun to appear.

But there are still no visitors. No matter what materials are published, no matter what is written about, new subscribers do not appear.

This is a problem with any new website (not just a blog). In order for people to learn about a new resource, they need to start promoting it. And now we are not talking about advertising, or rather, not only about it.

In addition to targeted advertising to attract visitors to a new fashion blog, there are works that will allow you to tell the masses about the resource without spending money:

  1. SEO optimization;
  2. Social networks;
  3. Reposting;
  4. Some other ways.

The more visitors to your blog, the more potential monetized actions they can take. And when choosing the promotion of your blog, you should calculate the costs of promotion and the possible profit.

The most frequent and less costly way of promotion is SEO optimization. Correct layout, competent and semantic texts with key queries and headings, loading speed - all this will lead to an increase in your blog in search results.

It is worth noting that this method of promotion is long and requires certain knowledge, but the result from it is the most long-term and durable. If an advertising campaign ends and visitors stop coming, then with a SEO-optimized site, the flow of new subscribers may not dry out for years.

Social media is a great opportunity to get the word out about yourself and your blog. A group, channel, or any other way where you can gather an audience will be able to regularly bring new subscribers to your site.

Reposting is a way where you tell on your site about someone who can tell about you, thereby gaining their followers and readers.

Other ways are a variety of options for how you can advertise your fashion blog. For example, publish announcements on sites specialized for this.

How to monetize a fashion blog

And finally, a large number of people regularly visit the blog, regular subscribers have appeared, and you are finally thinking about monetizing it. How can this be done?

There are several main ways to monetize any blog:

  1. Display advertising;
  2. Replenishment of the client base;
  3. Sale of information products;
  4. CPA networks.

Display advertising on your blog is usually the most frequent way to make money and monetize. Such ads could be seen by absolutely everyone: banner ads on pages, pop-up windows and ad units in videos.

When a blog is created not only for the sake of conveying information, but also for finding new clients (for example, for a fashion agency), then every customer who comes can be safely counted as a profit from the blog.

Information products are a very popular way of earning money today. These are author's courses, books, instructions and other informational goods that can be written or created by the blog owner himself, or by someone else and implemented on the site pages.

An affiliate network is another very popular way of earning money, which brings in excellent income from well-promoted blogs. The site sells a product that is registered in an affiliate program and for the sale of which the blog author gets a good ganorar.

A well-promoted blog, coupled with all monetization options, can bring excellent profits to its owner. The main thing is not to stop working on it and not wait for the mountains to arrive in a few months. Everything comes with time.

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