How To Run A Sports Blog And Make Money On It?

Today, many people are interested in the topic of a healthy lifestyle. You can start blogging to share tips and tricks. The web resource will become a favorite hobby, a source of additional income.
How To Run A Sports Blog And Make Money On It?

Features of running a sports blog and making money on it

A healthy lifestyle today is the most pressing topic among young people and older people. Athletes can not only train and monitor their diet, but also share their experience, knowledge and skills with others. To do this, you can make your own blog. It can become not only a favorite hobby, but also a source of additional income. That is why it is worth figuring out how to make money on a sports blog.

Starting a Sports Blogging: The Basics

Athletes can write publications and posts on a variety of topics. These can be the principles of proper nutrition, training features and proper physical fitness. To start your own blog, you need to clearly define your goal, be motivated. In order to launch your own sports profile, you need to consider several main steps:

  1. Planning. It must be carefully worked out and all stages must be analyzed.
  2. Choosing a hosting. Today there are different options that are suitable for running your own blog.
  3. Choice of affiliate programs. They help you quickly monetize your own blog.
  4. Display advertising launch. You can organize an advertising campaign on different thematic sites.
  5. Content creation and promotion. You need to work out a plan for writing thematic posts.
  6. Use additional tools to monetize your own sports blog.

These are the basic steps to help you figure out how to start a sports blog. If you want to make money on your own profile, you need to carefully work out your personal content. The blog topic should be formulated clearly and correctly. Thanks to a well-formed page, the advertiser will be able to easily find the blog among other pages. The account needs to be filled with useful content on a well-defined topic.

Extreme sports blog example monetized with Ezoic display ads: surf, trails, white water sports, skateboard, BMX

Text articles should be supplemented with photographs. They must be of high quality. There is no need to publish an excessive number of publications on different topics. They will spoil the overall impression of the blog and its author. You need to understand the requirements of the target audience. You can regularly or periodically do surveys to find out the needs of people.

What can you talk about on your sports blog?

There are a huge number of topics that you can reveal on your blog. For examples, the following can be highlighted:

  • writing articles about the need to do a warm-up or stretching for human health;
  • demonstration of videos with exercises for specific muscle groups;
  • how to do it correctly on simulators so as not to harm yourself;
  • features of recovery after intense physical activity;
  • motivation for the audience to do sports;
  • how to avoid injury during warm-up, exercise;
  • effective ways and proven techniques for safe weight loss.

These are just some of the topics that you can choose for your sports blog. You can expand on the topic of comfortable and practical clothes that are suitable for training and fitness.

Thanks to Tony Kay from Live Life healthily you can find an example of a well done sports blog, with various categories such as fitness and exercise itself, home gym equipment, gym accessories, dietary supplements, or healtyh eating,

Basic Steps to Creating a Sports Blog

To start your sports blog, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind:

1. Choice of name.

It should be lightweight, simple so that users remember it, can share it with their friends and acquaintances.

2. Choosing an engine for creating a sports blog.

You can choose one of several options - dedicated server, WordPress. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the comparative characteristics in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each engine. It is also important to consider the tools available options.

Sports blogging platforms comparison

3. Purchase of domain and hosting.

It is important to remember that the domain must be unique. Its name cannot be repeated. To check it, you need to check the availability with the registrars. After purchasing a domain, you can choose hosting. It is a dedicated remote server that is dedicated to storing files.

4. Visual design.

At this stage, the task of users is to install, configure the engine of a personal sports blog. If there is no knowledge and experience, you need to contact a specialist. They will bring to life any ideas and ideas.

5. Writing publications.

The first article should be a dating post. It is necessary to tell about yourself, mention your expertise. Experts advise to think over the plan in advance, choose topics. Articles should be well structured. Mandatory requirements - main heading, introduction, main part and conclusion with conclusions.

To promote your own sports blog, you need to take care of advertising. But first of all, you need to choose a web hosting to make a visual, design. You can post links on social networks, on personal pages. You can write calls for the audience to share their impressions and opinions.

Varieties of Sports Blog Web Hosting

Today, hosting means the provision of online services for website developers, blogs. Through the use of different tools, you can publish your website on the Internet. For cooperation, you need to choose a reliable operator. Together with hosting, users are provided with space on the server. Its amount depends on the selected offer. Hosting developers regularly monitor the operation of systems. They must guarantee uninterrupted access to sites, protection from malware attacks, hacker attacks. Content is transferred to the user's browser through the server.

There are several types of hosting. The choice depends on the goals and objectives to start running a sports blog. Below is a detailed overview to help you make your choice.

Shared hosting

This is a dedicated virtual space. Shared hosting is the most popular today. It is bought for small projects, personal blogs, where videos and videos will not be published. There are several main advantages:

  • affordable cost of tariffs;
  • novice programmers without a lot of work experience will be able to use the tools;
  • the server adjusts to different goals and objectives;
  • control panel with a small set of functions;
  • intuitive control and configuration;
  • support service helps to perform administration, maintenance.

To make a choice, it is necessary to take into account a number of disadvantages. Users will not be able to use the wide functionality of the settings for promotion, design. Traffic streams are spread across multiple sites. During operation, minor failures may occur.

A2Hosting Review - Managed Web Hosting with Faster Website Loading Speed

VPS hosting

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This is a dedicated virtual server that can be shared with other blog and site owners. The provider allocates a separate section on the server. When purchasing a tariff, the owner is given a limited space with a certain level of computing power and memory. This option is optimal for programmers who want to expand the capabilities of their own blog. The server is suitable for people if their goal and task is to monetize the site.

There are several main advantages:

  • allocation of limited resources;
  • constant streams of traffic do not disrupt the level of blog performance;
  • providing a ROOT server;
  • the ability to expand and scale;
  • settings and advanced functionality.

The only drawback is the increased cost. This price is due to the fact that users are provided with more advanced functionality. Also, to work with such a hosting you need knowledge and experience.

What Kind of Hosting Do I Need for My Website?

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the most reliable option today for people who want to run their own programming blog. The benefits include uninterrupted operation, no disruptions and no technical problems. If necessary, you can configure automatic copying of resources, files. If one cluster is busy, traffic will be directed to another server. In this case, the site owner does not need to make any additional settings.

Additional benefits include:

  • no crashes and site downtime;
  • if technical failures occur on the server, they do not affect the functioning of the sports blog;
  • resources are allocated at the request of the client;
  • payment is made only for the resources used;
  • the ability to expand and scale.

The only drawback is that it is impossible to calculate in advance or in advance the final price for the use of resources.

Best Cloud VPS Provider: Comparison And Setup

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is hosting where both the technical elements of the server and its software are optimized for websites based on  the WordPress   CMS system. Usually, this refers to the so-called virtual hosting. This is a great hosting option for a sports blog website.

Today this hosting option is the most popular and demanded. The developers made sure to combine the functions of WordPress sites. The server has already been designed and built for all the requirements, needs of blog owners, sites. The advantages include affordable cost, ease of use for novice programmers without experience.

BionicWP Review: Fast, Reliable & Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Display ad options for sports blog owners

Owners of sports blogs, after designing and filling their own resource, need to take care of the correct promotion. There are several common options for display ads to achieve the expected results:

1; PopAds.

The presented advertising network is the most demanded among users today. She specializes in Pop-Under advertising. Users will be able to monetize their blog in different countries.

Adsterra vs. PopAds

2; Adsterra.

This is another variation on the mainstream ad network that targets publishers. Benefits include affordable cost per thousand impressions. Users will be able to choose a different ad format for desktop and mobile traffic around the world.

Adsterra Review: How Much Can You Make From Their Ads?

3; Propeller Ads.

It is one of the largest ad networks out there. Benefits include good and affordable cost per thousand impressions. Users report a huge ROI.

PropellerAds - Advertising Platform Review

4; Adsense.

This is an adware program that belongs to Google Corporation. The advantages include the ability to quickly monetize your personal blog.

Best AdSense alternatives to make money with a sports blog


It is a leading advertising technology company. The benefits include the ability to use modern digital advertising products to quickly promote your blog.

Ezoic Vs Adsense - Differences Worth Exploring

All sports blog owners will be able to choose the best option to monetize their web resource. It is recommended to jointly use video hosting to promote your blog to a wide audience. Also, programmers can offer options for launching an advertising campaign on YouTube. Today this site is in high demand. You can order advertisements from one of the bloggers or run video commercials on sports topics. Thanks to this option, only interested potential customers and active readers will come to the blog.

Ezoic video player hosting review: monetize a sports video blog

Ezoic ad testing platform is also available for sports blog owners. Here you can analyze the publication of ads, prepare layouts. The advantages of the platform include optimizing ad revenue, gaining access to a wide range of templates, and improving user experience.

Ezoic premium review: monetize a sports blog

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