How To Make Money On A Music Blog?

A large number of people now write down their ideas and thoughts in the form of various articles on the Internet, while one of the hobbies of modern people is blogging, which not only allows one to self-actualize, but also to earn quite a lot of money on it. For many people today, blogging is the main way of earning money, and there is no need to go to work at a specified time every day. Some of the most relevant blogs today are music blogs, which are highly popular among audiences of all ages.

Make money on a music blog

The Internet has become in the modern world for many it has become a wide space for earning, and for some it is additional income, and for some it is the main one. Today, blogging is a very common activity for a lot of people. For many people today, blogging is the main way of earning money, and there is no need to go to work at a specified time every day. At the same time, everyone can find a blog topic that is most interesting to him, and also the most profitable at the moment.

Of course, not everyone can decide to blog, but many fears are unfounded. In this regard, it is necessary to figure out what a blog is and how you can make money on it.

Varieties of blogs

Blogging is probably one of the most controversial concepts that exist on the Internet today. Today, bloggers call almost every person who has any account on social networks, for example, on Instagram or Vkontakte. However, is it really so?

First you need to find out what a blog is. The blog originally meant a personal diary on the Internet. A person in such a diary talks about his own personal life, work or any hobbies. Blogs were originally used to post thoughts, notes, photos and videos.

Any blog post that is published is called a post. Most often, posts are published in chronological order.

However, since 2009, the meaning of the term blog has become the broadest. Blogs began to be conducted not only by individuals, but also by groups of people, blogs began to appear in various companies and organizations. Today, themed blogs are increasingly common, that is, people make a choice of a certain topic, which is the most interesting. For example, you can choose some area, it can be business, psychology, medicine and other areas. When choosing a topic for your own blog, you must take into account the relevance and popularity for the audience.

In order to blog, you can start your own website. However, in this case, all technical problems will have to be taken over. Another blogging option is to use a platform, for example, Instagram or Vkontakte. Yes, all technical issues are undertaken by the administration of the platform, but at the same time there are certain rules established by this platform, and they must be followed.

How to start a music blog?

Music makes us better, inspires and inspires, gives unforgettable feelings. It is thanks to music that a person is able to relax, rest, get certain food for the mind. This type of art is able to radically change the mood of a person - to cheer him up, sadden him, feel longing.

Music is art! For painting there are galleries with exhibitions, and for music there are personal music blogs.

Music blogs cover a wide variety of topics, the main ones of which are:

  • characteristics of various musical trends;
  • music theory;
  • technique of playing musical instruments;
  • features of sound recording;
  • repair of musical equipment;
  • work with vocals and others.

First of all, before starting a music blog, you need to define a goal. Most often, the goals of science blogs can be classified into two categories:

  • provision of own musical compositions, technologies of teaching to play musical instruments; vocal teaching techniques, etc .;
  • summarizing data from various authors of books, articles, other bloggers, etc. on the selected blog topic.

The next step is to find your audience. At the same time, it is necessary to determine for which group of persons the information published in blog posts will be the most relevant. For example, the characteristics of various musical trends are most relevant for adolescents and young people under the age of 30. Some blog topics imply the division of the audience into women and men, and it is necessary to decide which audience the posts will be directed to.

It is also important to choose the site where the blog will be located, while it is necessary to decide whether it will be a platform or your own website. To do this, you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages, while choosing the most appropriate option for yourself.

In the event that you do not have sufficient experience in writing blogs, then it would be best to use the ideas of other blogs on a similar subject, which are already in high demand among readers.

How to make money on a music blog?

Today there are many ways to monetize your blog. All methods can be classified into the following four groups:

It is no coincidence that affiliate programs are in the first place in ways to make money on a blog, since they work on the principle of pay for a certain action, which allows you to earn decent money even with a small audience on the blog.

Music Blog Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows the user to rent the resources required for him on the server and place his own website, web application or other online content on them.

The choice of a reliable hoster is extremely important due to the fact that hosting is the so-called base for creating websites and launching various online projects. In the event that files are placed on any remote web server, the provider is responsible for their safety and security. Unlike the available free services, quality paid web hosting certainly guarantees quick access to pages for a large number of visitors without unnecessary advertising.

It should be noted that there are several types of web hosting, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to WordPress, a Linux server is usually the best solution.

Music Blog Video Hosting

Video hosting is a service for viewing and adding videos in a browser through a special player. Today video hosting is replacing television. Users need them in order to view any content for free without having to download it to a computer. Video hosting is necessary for authors to promote a brand, attract an audience and monetize a channel.

To monetize a music blog, it is quite relevant to use the YouTube channel, which ranks 1st in the world in terms of the number of users.

Ezoic video player review: post and monetize your music videos on a blog

Display advertising

Display advertising is one of the most popular ways to make money. Advertising networks are a way to promote the Internet.

What's the best Ad Exchange network?

Today there are a large number of ad networks, let's look at the main ones.


Propeller Ads is an ad network based in the UK. Unlike Google AdSense, Propeller Ads is a CPM ad network which basically means it pays for every 1000 ad impressions you generate. This way, it doesn't matter if users click on your ads or not - you get paid. Because of this, large publishers prefer CPM networks over CPC ad networks (such as AdSense, Bing Ads, and others).


Consider the Google Adsense ad network, which does not accept all publishers' websites (especially new ones) as they have strong guidelines. In fact, publishers' websites should follow the service's guidelines as well as the webmaster's guidelines. This basically means that if you are doing black hat SEO or selling text links on your site, they may disable your Adsense account.


Another ad network is Adcash, one of the advantages of which is the ability to manually select the displayed ad formats or use the auto-tagging feature. Also, this ad network offers a wide range of ad types and niches in which the company operates.


RevContent is the fastest growing native advertising network in the world. In this regard, if you need a platform with development potential and with a much lower level of competition, then RevContent may be the most appropriate and profitable option.

For a PPC ad network with relatively small reach, one would expect the average cost-per-click (CPC) to be reasonably low. However, it is reported that the cost per click on RevContent is about the same as on Taboola, at roughly $ 0.44.

Among the benefits of RevContent, the following are the most significant:

  • RevContent is one of the fastest growing native PPC ad networks in the world;
  • Quite low level of competition;
  • Ability to use over 1000 partner websites that are ready
  • display your advertising content to visitors.

However, it should be noted that in addition to a sufficient number of advantages, RevContent also has a number of disadvantages:

  • It is increasingly believed on various web forums that RevContent is a supplier of intrusive advertisements that are more and more like spam.
  • Quite a high cost per click, especially considering the relatively small set of affiliate websites.


One of the largest ad networks with retargeting capabilities, AdRoll. At the heart of the AdRoll mechanism is artificial intelligence, which was developed in order to better understand its own audience. The main feature of AdRoll is BidiQ, a mechanism that analyzes user data on the Internet and on various social media platforms to retarget ads at the best price.

Thus, AdRoll has a number of global advantages, for example:

  • a specialized retargeting platform with highly effective artificial intelligence;
  • unifies retargeting across websites, social media platforms and your own website.
  • Finds the best prices for retargeting ads.

However, in addition to the advantages, AdRoll also has certain disadvantages:

  • rather high complexity of the system, which requires a thorough study of the operation of this advertising network to achieve the best results;
  • implementation of incomplete control over the organization of advertising auctions (here the downside of artificial intelligence is manifested);
  • a strong price difference depending on your advertising campaign.

In conclusion: How to make money on a music blog

Thus, the choice of an advertising network is strictly individual. To do this, you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the ad networks and make the most appropriate choice.

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