Ezoic Highlights Q3 2022: 1.2M Visits Under A Clear Sky!

Ezoic Highlights Q3 2022: 1.2M Visits Under A Clear Sky!

The Ezoic Highlights for Q3 2022 are out, highlighting interesting data taken from EzoicBigDataAnalytics for publishers using the Ezoic products, and here are ours: more than 1.2 million visitors mostly under a clear sky and other interesting facts!

Last quarter: 1.2M pageviews !

With more than 1.2 million pageviews in the 3rd quarter of the year, it will surely be interesting to have a look at what are these visits about and how they translate in revenue for our websites.

Calendar: Monday!

Our highest earning day of the week was Monday, which is a little shift from the usual Tuesday or Wednesday, the busiest office days that are bringing professional visitors to our business content.

Weather: clear sky

People visited our sites the most with a weather forecast of clear sky - which makes sense, as the third quarter of the year mostly consists of summer holiday weather, with a clear sky during most days for most of our audience.

Visitors: 951,343

951,343 people visited our sites for the first time ever this quarter, which is an amazing result, on which we will surely do our best to get it even higher in the next quarter.

5% returned!

Of those first-time visitors, 5% returned a second time to read one or another of our articles, which is more than we would expect, as we tend to help people solving their problems.

Revenue: 2299 cups of coffee!

Using EzoicAds, we earned enough to buy 2,299 cups of coffee, that might keep us up for awhile, and is much more than we typically consume within a single quarter.

Speed: 29% faster!

EzoicCloud server our content 29% faster than uncached pages, which confirms our own Web speed analysis that discovered we could render pages 33% faster using our combination of Interserver for hosting and EzoicCloud with EzoicLEAP with pages optimization and delivery, than not using them.

EPMV: $8.80

Our highest EPMV in a week has been $8.80, which must have happened with September earnings, as our earnings in July and August were pretty low due to the holiday season.

EPMV: 239.78% better!

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This highest weekly EPMV was 239.78% better than our lowest weekly EPMV during this period, which must have happened in July when most people were on holiday under a clear sky and had better to do than read our websites!

Category: Instagram by pageviews, SAP GUI by revenue

Our most popular article category by pageviews was Instagram mobile app on our smartphone website which is usually the case, as we have a lot of high traffic articles there.

Our most popular article category by revenue was SAP GUI articles as these articles are targetted at business professionals and tend to have a much higher EPMV.

Author: helpsmartphone

The articles we wrote ourselves on Help Smartphone was the most popular articles by author, both by pageviews and revenue.

Video: 646 videos

People watched 646 of our videos, for a total of 674,012 times. That's 310,574 minutes of total viewing time!

Video: 1800 views of a single video

Our video Windows 11 review: why I switched back to Win10 was our most viewed video, receiving 18,177 minutes of viewing time, or the equivalent of 1800 views.


Congratulations on our growth and accomplishments as an Ezoic Premium customer for more than 4 years. What about your own success? Share it too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Ezoic BigData Analytics?
A useful tool, Ezoic BigData Analytics can give you a comprehensive and informative report of your site's activity. For example, data on the number of page views of the site, activity by day of the week, the best weather for your audience, your income, EP
Will Ezoic help increase monetization on the site?
Ezoic is the best option to increase your website monetization. A smart system will help you analyze and optimize your activities. You will be offered the best advertising programs for income and traffic. Ezoic has different levels available, depending on your experience.
How are ad sales managed and tracked in digital advertising?
In digital advertising, ad sales are managed and tracked through specialized dashboards. These platforms provide detailed analytics on various ad campaigns, showing metrics like impressions, click-through rates, engagement, and revenue generated. This data helps advertisers and publishers optimize their strategies for maximum effectiveness and profitability.
What role do environmental considerations play in achieving milestones like 1.2M visits as highlighted by Ezoic in Q3 2022?
Environmental considerations, such as optimizing for energy efficiency and promoting eco-conscious content, can play a significant role in achieving milestones like high traffic volumes. It demonstrates a commitment to sustainable digital practices, which can attract a broader, environmentally-aware audience.

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Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Maximize revenue

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

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