YB Digital's August 2022 Earnings Report: $2,201.56 With Ezoic Premium

YB Digital's August 2022 Earnings Report: $2,201.56 With Ezoic Premium

The month of July now being past us, with both the high vacation period and the terrible global impact of travel issues: from lack of staff to strikes and airports full or inaccessible, leading to many travel cancelation on trips for many people and the corresponding problems for the unlucky ones, the traffic and earnings in August were now back to more reasonable values: +38% earnings globally, up to $2201.56 in August compared to $1599.50 in July, and +6% traffic on our network of websites, with a corresponding EPMV up 30% to $5.75.

This is even allowed us to come back to the 5 star Ezoic premium plan after the terrible premium level downgrade to 4 stars we experienced in June, so globally the month of August was a great one for website owners - or at least for our sites.

In the next months, with black Friday around the corner and end of the year coming up, we expect a slight increase in ad rates and in our EPMV. But meanwhile, let's have a deeper look at our month of August!

YB Digital's network earnings with Ezoic in August 2022

Our month of August is usually one of the lowest regarding EPMV, as the holiday are still ongoing, and most people are enjoying their deserved free time instead of searching for business topics on Internet. Also, the advertisers are reserving their money for more interesting months, especially for the last quarter of the year, with both Black Friday and Christmas coming up.

However, this year we experienced a more than welcome +38% in earnings, up to more than $2200, or a $600 increase in monthly earnings, simply due to a higher EPMV, as the visits increase is only of 6%, not enough to explain these higher earnings.

Nevertheless, the small traffic increase might be due to many articles publishing in the past month, and an ongoing full SEO update of all our articles, with already 400 articles updated in August. Let's have a look at some of them after checking in detail our Ezoic earnings.

For the full month of August, according to the graph shown that has been extracted from Ezoic earnings reports, our revenue is divided as follows:

All our numbers went up, with 5% increase from mediation advertising partners, 10% increase from Ezoic premium advertising partners, and the most spectacular one, a 56% earnings increase with Ezoic advertising partners!

Thanks to these amazing numbers, we are again comfortable saying that the  Ezoic platform   is the best option to monetize content websites. Let's have a look at the revenue dynamics with extracted graphs to get a better understanding.

Revenue dynamics compared to previous months

Having a look at the earnings graph of our websites over the past year, we can clearly see the increase that went up until November 2021, and a decline starting from November, with the trend downards continuing until July, the lowest point of our past year for earnings.

A small pike appears in March, with coincides with the first quarter end, and the companies spending their budget for this occasion.

This hasn't happened in June this year for a specific reason, with the global events currently taking place, advertisers have been more careful in spendings their budget, and are probably holding back until the end of the year, probably the trend that we are currently seeing in the month of August, even exceeding our June earnings, and just a little behind May for us.

Our EPMV evolution: from $4.44 to $5.75

Mostly reflecting the trend we saw in earnings, as they are largely driven by our EPMV increase more than by a traffic increase, our EPMV is up 30%, which can be attributed to advertisers unleashing the advertising budget they've been holding onto during previous months due to international news.

To make sure of that, let's have a look at the Ezoic ad revenue index.

Having a look at the ad revenue index

Looking at the Ezoic ad revenue index for the United States over the past year, we can see that the month of August ended at 48% of it's maximul level, during the BlackFriday in November last year - compared to a month of July that finished at 44% of that same highest threshold, or a 12% increase.

If we step back and have a look at the global month of July on this index compared to the month of August, however, it seems like July globally had higher peaks and August had lowest lows.

Therefore, the increase in EPMV we noticed on our sites might also be linked to the niches that we are monetizing, and maybe not completely only to the global ad spendings.

Our achievements in August

In any case, we have been very active in August and did not take any vacation, but instead focused on creating new, useful and hopefully unique evergreen content for our websites.

SEO update of our articles

First of all, an SEO digital assistant hired for the occasion is currently preparing an update for more than 600 articles that have been written externally.

Of these updates, two batches of 200+ updated have already been delivered and are live on all our websites. The last batch should be delivered early in September, and if the results are satisfying, the assistant will keep working on our SEO updates for our most important articles, self written and the ones that are most technical but also earnings the most money - about 1000 articles on various topics.

Optimize your site

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Maximize revenue

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

However, it is still too early to ensure the return on investment of this SEO update, and it is still ongoing.

Let's have a look at the most important content we published on our network.

How To Optimize For SEO? Survey Results And 30+ Experts Tips

Our article with expert tips coming from real people has cost nothing to create, as the quotes were given by contacts from the HARO platform (Help A Reporter Out) and has already brought in $1.74 in revenue with only 75 visits, or an exceptional $23.20 EPMV - if all our articles could have the same start in their first month, or keep bringing this kind of EPMV values, they would all be highly successful!

However, the hype around this article has already passed, and it will most likely not bring high visits in the future, as it was mostly a way to give free backlinks in exchange of possible shares and links back to the article.

Ezoic Humix Review: YouTube Video Views Multiplied By 30, Earnings By 4!

Our review of the latest tool released by the  Ezoic platform   also called HUMIX, has already attracted more than a hundred visitors, and brought in $1.69 in revenue, in only three weeks after publishing.

Completed by a YouTube video review, also published on Ezoic video platform, this full article has all the potential to keep bringing good numbers, as it is aimed at promoting a highly beneficial product for any website owner: more earnings from their videos with the click of a button to import them from YouTube, and either sharing them on the whole Ezoic network for extra revenue, or monetizing your own articles with videos from other content creators from the network.

Simple and rewardful! This amazing tool must be closely followed, and we are planning on also updating on our video earnings in the future.

Pros And Cons: Boost Business Productivity - GIFFY review

Our review of the GIFFY application development tool has been very successful so far. With an $18.15 RPM it is one of our best performing article, at least for the start, having only been published for half of the month.

Regardless, due to our partnership with their creators, we will keep updating this article and grow views and earnings, by adding more content and video reviews of their tool.

Climate Change Donation Websites: How To Join The Effort?

Our efforts to support the Ezoic cares initiative have led us to create and publish various pieces of information about charity ads, climate change and other NGOs related efforts.

Our article about using your website to donate to climate change have raised an RPM of $10, and we are expecting to keep working and investing in that direction, helping other website owners to better optimize their content and use it for the good of humanity, even if our articles on the topic are not always making money.

AdMaven vs Ezoic: Which is the Best Ad Network for You?

Having published various articles in the past month related to AdMaven, compared to other  website monetization   platform, most of them got an RPM as high as $10 - and this is the case of that article, that is driving high interest from mentioned advertisers and their competitors.

A great way to get the global EPMV up is not only to write about your favorite topic or brand, but also to create content related to their competitors, in order to rank for keywords highly sought by competing marketing teams.

Best performing articles published in July per RPM

Let's have a look with more than a full month overview of best performing articles per RPM that were published in July:

September plans

Continuing on the actions started with our July plans such as our global SEO update, content wise we will slow down on creation a little bit, as we will be busy with the start of the school year with some corporate trainings, both on presentation creation side, live presentations and course creation.

These courses will later lead to the possibility of creating business articles related to the charts that will be included in these courses, allowing us to create affiliate content driving traffic to these online courses.

August conclusion

With ad rates going up, EPMV up, earnings up, and the possibility to upgrade our Ezoic premium plan to the 5 stars plan, the month of August has been promising, and it was worth spending more time working and preparing our sites for the business restart in September, instead of taking long vacation that can easily be postoned to a time with lower prices, after the high season.

We will also switch most of our content creation efforts from new articles publishing to video creation and other media development, to either better illustrate current content, take our SEO up, and eventually drive future content creation towards end of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cooperation with Ezoic productive in 2022?
If we compare the Ezoic review 2021 and this year, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that such cooperation has a lot of advantages for publishers and site owners. This is a great way to increase the monetization of your site.
Is it profitable to write about competitors?
Using the article about AdMaven earnings as an example, we can say that it is profitable. Because to boost EPMV's global rankings, you can not only write about your favorite topic or brand, but also create content related to their competitors to rank for keywords that are highly valued by competing marketing teams.
What insights can be gained from an Ezoic income report?
An Ezoic income report provides detailed insights into a publisher's earnings, including metrics like Earnings Per Thousand Visitors (EPMV), total income, and trends over time. It helps publishers understand their site's financial performance and identify areas for optimization and growth.
How can consistent earnings like YB Digital's August 2022 report be aligned with ongoing sustainability initiatives?
Consistent earnings can be aligned with sustainability initiatives by investing a portion of the earnings into green hosting solutions, adopting eco-friendly website practices, and using the platform to promote environmental awareness and action.
How can optimizing ad placements increase earnings with Ezoic Premium?
Optimizing ad placements can increase earnings by ensuring ads are positioned for maximum visibility and engagement, which can lead to higher click-through rates and revenue.

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Optimize your site

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Maximize revenue

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

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