YB Digital's November 2022 Report: $6.85 EPMV - $1691.6 Earnings With EzoicAds Premium

YB Digital's November 2022 Report: $6.85 EPMV - $1691.6 Earnings With EzoicAds Premium

Contrary to what was expected, the month of November did not see the usual increase in ad spending from advertisers that usually happens with Black Friday during the month, alongh with Cyber Monday right after, the best occasion for brands to advertise their products and increase sales at the early Christmas time.

This year, probably due to international events, such as the war in Ukraine and the increasing price of energy that impacts many households around the world, it might not have seemed to be a convenient time for corporations to spend their marketing budget in digital advertising.

Therefore we saw a slight drop on our content network monetized with EzoicAds Premium - let's have a look in detail at what happened, and what is our plan to inverse the situation with our content.

Measures taken in November

As the traffic dip started in September, we've already taken actions in November, after seeing our numbers going down in our October EzoicAds earnings report:

  • providing E-A-T on most of our articles,
  • providing an FAQ with schemas,
  • prodiving a table of content at the top of the page,
  • targetting keywords via URL.

These actions have already been implemented, and will take some time to generate a potential ranking change on search engines, as any SEO change can take up to 6 months to be reflected in search results.

Regarding the FAQ with schemas however, this is an ongoing task, on which our full time freelance SEO expert is working full time to provide us these updates, article by article and question by question.

YB Digital's network earnings with EZOICADS in November 2022

Even is our EPMV went down a little since October, $6.85 revenue per mille visits is still a good result, and is more than 6 times higher than AdSense revenue we would get if we only relied on this single monetization partner.

For the full month of November, according to the graph shown that has been extracted from EZOICADS earnings reports, our revenue is divided as follows:

Not all our numbers went down, with a 16% increase from mediation advertising partners (mostly AdSense), 27% decrease from EZOICADS premium advertising partners, and a 4% earnings decrease with EZOICADS advertising partners, with the lowest visits count for more than a year, following the downwards trend that started in September.

In any case, even with these numbers, we are again comfortable saying that the EZOICADS platform is the best option for monetizing content websites. Let's take a look at the revenue dynamics with excerpted charts to understand better.

Revenue dynamics compared to previous months

Having a look at the earnings graph of our websites over the past year, we can clearly see the decline starting from November 2021, with the trend downards continuing until July, the lowest point of our past year for earnings.

A small pike appears in March, with coincides with the first quarter end, and the companies spending their budget for this occasion.

This hasn't happened in June this year for a specific reason, with the global events currently taking place, advertisers have been more careful in spendings their budget, and are probably holding back until the end of the year, probably the trend that we are currently seeing in the month of August, even exceeding our June earnings, and just a little behind May for us.

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The upward trend that we can observe since August did not continue in October due to our traffic loss, but even with traffic remaining stable, we saw a slight decrease around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that will hopefully be offset in December, as advertising budgets haven't been fully spent yet, and Christmas is around the corner.

Our EPMV evolution: from $7.21 to $6.85

Our EPMV is down 5%, which is a much higher drop than expected, as we were actually awaiting an increasing ad spend from advertisers, that would have been reflected in November EPMV.

To make sure of that, let's have a look at the EZOIC ad revenue index.

Having a look at the ad revenue index

Looking at the EZOIC ad revenue index for the United States over the past year, we can see that the month of August ended at less than 50% of it's maximum level, during the BlackFriday in November last year, and ended at the same level by the end of October, showing a pretty stable ad spending from advertisers.

If we step back and have a look at the global month of August on this index compared to the month of September, it seems like September globally had higher peaks and October had lowest lows.

However, even if the month of November saw a year highest value on BlackFriday, it still only went up to 67% of last year's value, the highest ever recorded. It stayed high compared to this year's relative numbers until CyberMonday, but in December it seems so far to be on the same level as it was before this peak.

Therefore, the increase we expected did not happen, and is most likely again linked to global events this year, with the war in Ukraine, the global shortage of components, and the increased evergy prices that are leading many businesses and private persons to review their budget.

Our achievements in November

With the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 going on, we've been mostly busy watching the games and updating results for our audience, and to share on our social networks.

December plans

However, our articles updates are still ongoing, and will most likely be implemented in the coming weeks.

November conclusion

After having missed the opportunity to increase our EPMV with BlackFriday and were expecting an earnings increase that did not happen, November have been a slightly disappointing month for us.

In any case, we will keep the work up, and do everything we can to bring more value to our users and better content in the last month of the year and the year to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to monetize ads on a website?
Ezoic Ads platform is the best option to monetize content websites. These are intelligent technologies for exceptional content that can increase your income, productivity and increase traffic.
How does BlackFriday affect the EPMV metric?
Looking at the Ezoic EPMV analysis, BlackFriday can significantly increase your website performance. It is important to properly organize the work of the site during the BlackFriday period.
In achieving results like YB Digital's November 2022 report, how important is the balance between monetization and promoting sustainability?
In achieving results like in YB Digital's November 2022 report, it's crucial to balance monetization with promoting sustainability. This involves choosing environmentally responsible advertisers and creating content that aligns with sustainable values.

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