YB Digital's Premium Ezoic Earnings May 2022: $2,329.66

Another month of cooperation with Ezoik has passed and we can already analyze the activities of the past month. Let's take a look at YB Digital's premium income from Ezoic for May 2022 and draw conclusions about the effectiveness and profitability of this platform. We will be able to visually see the dynamics of the development of interaction with the platform. Let's start by introducing the Ezoic platform and its features.
YB Digital's Premium Ezoic Earnings May 2022: $2,329.66
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Summing up activities in May

Another month of cooperation with Ezoik has passed and we can already analyze the activities of the past month. Let's take a look at YB Digital's premium income from Ezoic for May 2022 and draw conclusions about the effectiveness and profitability of this platform. We will be able to visually see the dynamics of the development of interaction with the platform. Let's start by introducing the  Ezoic platform   and its features.

Ezoic is a platform that specializes in ad testing

Ads with Ezoic are tested directly on the site for which the ad is intended. This is done to increase the effectiveness of advertising, respectively, to increase income.

The platform also works great with other ad networks with advanced settings on your Ezoic account. Thanks to the dedicated Mediation app, you can include any advertisement in Ezoic's automated testing.

Since Ezoic is an official partner of Google, the platform can easily optimize any display ad not only from Google Ads, but also from other sources.

The platform works on special machine learning algorithms, while taking into account all the nuances of ranking pages on the Internet, comparing them and offering the most successful solution.

Now we will directly consider in detail the profitability of Ezoic in May and draw conclusions about cooperation.

Ezoic YB Digital Premium revenue in May 2022

From the graph, you can see that Ezoic advertising partners generated more revenue per month than mediation or premium advertising partners.

The confirmation is YB Digital’s total premium income from Ezoic in May 2022, which was $2,329.66.

For the analysis, the period from 05/01/2022 to 05/31/2022 was set.

According to statistics for May, income was:

The diagram clearly shows the progress of each of the programs and their effectiveness.

The total number of visits was 405,752, which is an impressive result showing the effectiveness of using Ezoic. We can also see that this figure is steadily increasing.

This audience growth is gradually proportional. This means that the platform delivers on its performance promise.

We see that the advertising activity of Ezoic Ad Partners is more profitable for us. Therefore, in order to increase productivity, and, ultimately, constantly increase sales, the  Ezoic platform   is the best option.

Revenue dynamics relative to previous months

To understand the dynamics of income growth, we will compare income with other months. This will give us the opportunity to see the full picture of partner revenue growth.

On the basis of the chart seen, certain conclusions can be drawn.

If we talk about total earnings, then we are seeing a stable trend in revenue. There are changes in the direction of increase or decrease, but this coefficient is not significant. In general, earnings are consistently high.

Considering separately the statistics of the effectiveness of advertising partners, we can draw certain conclusions about each of them.

Ezoic advertising partners

Ezoic advertising partners always have a high income, the difference is not significant relative to different periods. It can be said that this advertising partner is very productive.

Mediation advertising partners

Mediation advertising partners have a much lower income in comparison, but it nevertheless increases every month. Only May showed a slightly worse result.

Premium Advertising Partners

Premium Advertising Partners - here we see a stable average income level, which is unchanged almost from month to month.


Conclusion - most of the income came from the work of Ezoic Advertising Partners.

The evolution of EPMV

Also, for analysis, we will track the dynamics of EPMV - Earnings Per Mille Visits in different months. The data from the chart gives us the opportunity to see the dynamics of revenue growth per thousand visitors from partners.

We see a slight decrease in EPMV in May, but it is not significant.

But this decrease is within the normal range.

Still, the average EPMV for the year at the moment is $6.39.

Again, we conclude that most of the income was the work of Ezoic Advertising Partners.

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YB Digital Affiliate Earnings May 2022

And finally, we would like to show you a report about our activities in May. We would like to openly show you how, with the right choice and organization of work, you can have good performance.

Conclusion for May

We can conclude that advertising from partners brings a stable income.

Advertising of Ezoic partners is the most effective and brings a good income, other programs have their own nuances, but in general, the picture of the dynamics is positive.

As well as EPMV, which continues to be at a good level.

Ezoic activities in May were productive and brought good income.

Based on our premium income data for May, we can state that Ezoic YB Digital's activity is a guaranteed, consistently good passive income from web publishing. Therefore, we can safely recommend it to you!

We would also like to invite you to read the articles, we are sure that they will be of interest to you. You will definitely find something useful for yourself.

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