YB Digital's Premium Ezoic Earnings June 2022: $2,002.36

Our tradition is unchanged and every month we provide reporting data on cooperation with Ezoic for you and summarize the results of the past month. Now we can see and analyze the YB Digital premium income from Ezoic for June 2022 and draw conclusions about the effectiveness and profitability of this platform. We will be able to visually see the dynamics of development and the success of interaction with the platform. As usual, let's start with some basic information about Ezoic.
YB Digital's Premium Ezoic Earnings June 2022: $2,002.36

June premium earnings

Our tradition is unchanged and every month we provide reporting data on cooperation with Ezoic for you and summarize the results of the past month. Now we can see and analyze the YB Digital premium income from Ezoic for June 2022 and draw conclusions about the effectiveness and profitability of this platform. We will be able to visually see the dynamics of development and the success of interaction with the platform. As usual, let's start with some basic information about Ezoic.

Ezoic is a stable income platform for you

Ezoic is a platform that allows you to test hosted ads and layouts of different types of ads from ad networks on your site (you can try Ezoic for free on your websites). It's a win-win situation as your revenue is optimized from your site's ads by trying out different website layouts and positions, and improves user experience by presenting ad combinations that can get the most engagement.

That's why you need to have a test ad platform. Taking into account all the important points, Ezoic knows how to multiply your money by sharing the testing of many ads placed on your page. By comparing all ads on the same page at the same time, you can see how much money each visit brings.

Each unique visit makes money because they call to go to another page. This is the user visit that you need to maximize in order to get the most revenue.

In a nutshell, Ezoic (read our partner Ezoic review) uses machine learning algorithms to see which ads people are most likely to click on by testing different ad placements, sizes, and combinations. Over time, it stores information about your users and uses that information to tailor ads that will appeal to each user.

Now let's take a closer look at the profitability of Ezoic in June and draw conclusions about cooperation.

Ezoic YB Digital Premium revenue in June 2022

We want to show you a graph of income in June. It shows that Ezoic advertising partners bring in more revenue per month than mediation or premium advertising partners.

Confirmation of the effectiveness of partner programs

there is an indicator of YB Digital's total revenue from Ezoic in June 2022, which was 2002.36 USD.

As always, we analyze the period of a full month from 06/01/2022 to 06/30/2022.

According to the graph, revenue for June was:

On the graph, we can observe the stable income of each of the programs and their effectiveness.

The total number of visits was 351,077, which is a good result showing the effectiveness of using Ezoic. This month there is a slight decrease in the number of visits.

It is clearly shown that the advertising activity of Ezoic Ad Partners is more profitable and effective. Therefore, to increase productivity and ultimately increase sales, the  Ezoic platform   is the best option for your business.

Revenue dynamics relative to previous months

We always look at the dynamics of income growth and compare income with other months. This is necessary for the analysis of income from partners.

On the provided chart, we can see the dynamics of income and draw conclusions.

If we talk about the total revenue, then we are seeing a minimal decrease in the overall indicator. There are upward or downward changes in different programs, but this coefficient is not significant. In general, earnings remain at a consistently high level.

Now let's consider separately the statistics of the effectiveness of advertising partners and draw conclusions about each of them.

Ezoic Advertising Partners always have a high income, the difference is not significant in relation to different periods. Although in June we are seeing a slight decrease in income relative to the previous months. But we make an unambiguous conclusion that this advertising partner is very productive.

Mediation Advertising Partners have a much lower income compared to the previous one, but nevertheless it is increasing every month. In comparison with May, June showed a much better result.

Premium Advertising Partners shows us a stable average income that does not change almost from month to month. Little change from month to month.

The unequivocal conclusion is that the main part of the income came from the work of Ezoic Advertising Partners, just like every month before.

The slight decrease in visits is due to the latest Google Core Update in May 2022 that negatively impacted some of the network's websites.

The evolution of EPMV

Of course, we monitor the dynamics of EPMV - profit per thousand visitors every month and analyze it. The graph gives us the opportunity to see the dynamics of revenue growth per thousand visitors from partners.

We see a slight decrease in EPMV in June, but it is not significant, this decrease is within the normal range. The indicator is stable every month and June is no exception.

In June, the profit per thousand visitors was $5.70.

This month confirms that the work of Ezoic Advertising Partners brings more and more profit.

Our achievements in June

June was very productive for us. A lot of interesting and effective work has been done. We are proud of our work and therefore made a brief overview of the activities in June. You will definitely find something useful and interesting for yourself! So, let's begin:)

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We have shown you a report on our activities in May. Then you will make the right choice for your business and get good results.

We would like to brag to you about the sites that were opened in June:

Westie HQ

If you are a dog owner then you need to visit this site. Here you will find the necessary information about dog behavior and training methods. Therefore, rather go to the link.

Best PCs

If you need to purchase a laptop that will help you run games with an add-on without problems, then go to our website now!

SAP Quick tips for beginners

Our pride is the course: SAP Quick Tips for Beginners. We launched it in June. Many hours of work went into creating this course, but the end result is worth it! This course is essential for anyone who wants to run a successful business.

AdSternatives landing page

Another our pride in June. We created a landing page to convert Google Ads traffic into publisher partners for Ezoic (resulted in 2 conversions in June, no monetization), for PropellerAds (4 conversions, 1 for monetization), and for AdSterra (no active monetization). This is an excellent result for a short line, follow the link and see our words.

Also, importantly, these Google ads cost $250 for 92 clicks, $2.7 CPC - and a total of at least 6 conversions, that's amazing!

Follow all links without exception! You are sure to find something that interests you. We hope that all our work will be useful to you!

July plans

We want to share with you our bold plans for the next month. Look how productive the month will be. This is a small teaser for you, choose what you like.

We want to focus on updating reviews on wcanifly.com with reviews posted on Google Maps, this is very important for the activity and productivity of the activity.

We will also update the CSS template, it will be based on a template from our friend on visit Ireland. Be sure to stay tuned, it will be impressive.

We will be launching a course on the basics of SEO. Here everyone can discover the world of search engine optimization from scratch to professional. After completing this course, you will be able to improve your business on your own and be confident in the result. So, wait for the premiere!

And while you wait for the course, we will publish interesting content about SEO for you.

June Conclusion

We confirm from month to month that advertising from partners brings a stable income. And the advertising of Ezoic partners is the most effective and brings a good income, other programs have their own nuances, but in general, the picture of the dynamics is positive and continues to please. The EPMV indicator remains at a good level. Ezoic activity in May was productive and brought, as always, a good basic income.

Based on our premium income data for June, we can state that Ezoic YB Digital's activity is a guaranteed, consistently good passive income from web publishing. Therefore, we confirm our recommendations!

We would like to remind you to get acquainted, if you have not already done so, with the work we have done. We have done many projects and we are sure that everyone will find what they need.

And don't forget about our projects in July - you'll love it!

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