Create a MySQL table with automatic creation date and modification date fields in PHPMyAdmin

Creating fields with time stamps that contains the creation and / or the last modification dates in MySQL using PHPMyAdmin is straightforward. No need for specific SQL code in latest versions, as it is now possible to have two different fields in the same table with current timestamp as default, and therefore no need to […]

How to display table keys in SAP dropdown lists

In the SAP graphical user interface, it might happen that the entries are displayed without their keys (the main identifier from the corresponding table), as seen below. In order to do so, in the SAP GUI, open the Options… from the Customize Local Layout menu Here, in Interaction Design > Visualization 1, check the option […]

How to export email addresses from MS Outlook

Wondering how to export all email addresses from the email database in Microsoft Outlook, in order for example to import them in Gmail, or find matches in LinkedIn ? It is pretty simple. Start by opening the FILE menu There, in the Open & Export section, open the Import/Export menu Select Export to a file […]

SAP How to solve error Tables TCURM and T001W inconsistent

When facing the SAP error M3820 Tables TCURM and T001W inconsistent; contact your systems administrator, most likely during material creation in MM01, the issue is most likely that the plant hasn’t been assigned to the company code. As described in the Performance Assistant, first step is to check the assignment of plants to company code. […]

Notepad++ how to extract email addresses from a file

Having a file, for example an extraction from your mailbox, and you want to extract only the email addresses ? Using Notepad++ and simple regular expression, that’s pretty simple. See below a full example, or, to summarize, open your file, use below regexp to find email addresses, add line breaks before and after each of […]

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