How does Uber share my trip status works

How to share Uber ride location In Uber app > settings > share my trip > select contacts, Uber share my trip allows to send your accurate current location to another person, for example the person you are actually going to meet, so they can see in real time where you are exactly on the […]

Table T169P: entry does not exist

Table T169P: entry does not exist When facing the issue table T169P entry does not exist while processing a goods receipt purchase order creation, the issue is most likely due to the fact that the company code of the purchase order is not setup in the automatic change in status of correct invoices table T169P, […]

No amount authorization for customers vendors in company code message number F5155

No amount authorization error message F5155 When getting the error no amount authorization for customers vendors in company code, the error is most likely that the tolerance isn’t set in customizing transaction OBA3 customer vendor tolerances. No amount authorization for customers/vendors in company code TPL1 Message no. F5155 No Amount Authorization for Customers/Vendors in Company […]

Interval does not exist for object RF_BELEG

Interval does not exist for object To solve the error NR751 interval does not exist for object, simply create the required number range in transaction FBN1 range maintenance: accounting document. Once the number range interval corresponding to the company code has been created in the system, it is possible to proceed with the goods receipt […]

In company code, the number range is missing for the year

Define number range for the year An invoice can only be created in a given company code if a number range has been defined for the corresponding year, or available for all years. A number range is the starting and ending number, which will be automatically incremented, that is used to identify uniquely a given […]

How to create purchase requisition in SAP using ME51N

Importance of purchase requisition What is a purchase requisition? A purchase requisition is used to centralize all requirements within an organization, and exchange between production department and purchase department. The purchase requisition is basically a wish list or request or materials to the procurement department, which will manage the purchase from the suppliers after having […]

Cost center does not exist

Cost center does not exist KI265 The message KI265 cost center does not exist can be solved by either selecting a correct cost center, or by creating a cost center for the required period corresponding to the purchase order being created for example. This SAP FICO error might happen in SAP S4HANA and R3 versions […]

FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 Company code is flagged as template

FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 Company code is flagged as template The error FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 Company code is flagged as template happens when trying to create a goods receipt purchase order, because the company code in which the purchase order is being created has been flagged as a template, meaning it is not a functional company code and cannot be […]

SAP accounting data not yet maintained

SAP accounting data not yet maintained for material One solution is to open the transaction MM50, extend material views, and find the maintenance status B for accounting. Enter the number of the material missing the accounting data, and execute. The plants will be listed, included the one for which the accounting view is missing. Select […]

ME21N create purchase order in SAP

SAP purchase order transaction ME21N A purchase order, also known as SAP PO, is used in several procurement processes in SAP, such as internal procurement, from one plant of the company to another plant of the company, external procurement, for direct consumption of stocks during the manufacturing processes, and the acquisition of services. The tcode […]

Excel wildcard filter

Excel wildcard characters Three Microsoft Excel wildcard characters are available for filtering: ? for one character, * for zero or more characters, and ~ to escape a wildcard. They can be used directly in the quick filter and auto filter, in the extended search, including for a search and replace, and also in the formulas. […]

Lyca mobile activate internet setup access point name

After getting a new SIM card from Lyca mobile, doing the registration on their website to activate the card, and topping up credit – or getting some welcome gift credit, one issue appears : 2G / 3G / 4G mobile internet does not work by itself, only by activating the option on the smartphone. The […]

Change input language Android

How to change keyboard language in Android In the menu settings > Language and input > keyboard options, select the input language to use for keyboard input and Bluetooth keyboard input. How to change keyboard language on Android phone As I got a Nexus 7 Android tablet[1], I also acquired a Bluetooth keyboard (the Logitech […]

How to change BOM in SAP

How to change BOM in SAP Changing a BOM in SAP is easily achievable in SAP transaction CS02 Change material BOM. Components can be added or removed using that tcode. Display material BOM in SAP A material Bill of Material in SAP can be displayed using tcode CS03 Display material BOM. Following BOM item missing […]

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