How can I export data from SalesForce to Excel?

How to export data from SalesForce to Excel Exporting data from SalesForce to Excel is pretty simple, once in a report, select the menu arrow > export > Excel format > Export. This will directly open the report in the Excel application, and the data will be usable within Excel spreadsheet program. Export report to […]

How to add custom object to navigation bar in SalesForceLightning?

How to add custom object to navigation bar Adding an object in the navigation bar, for example another quick menu access such as accounts, is pretty easy, by going to personalize your nav bar > add more items > select item > add nav item. Personalize navigation bar Start by opening the navigation bar personalization […]

How to merge contacts in SalesForce Classic?

How to merge contacts in SalesForce Merging contacts from an account can only be performed on SalesForce Classic, and is a pretty straight forward operation. From the main interface, select the accounts tab on the navigation bar. Then select the account in which contacts should be merged > merged contacts > select records > select […]

How to receive messages from a contact on Android phone

Text messages are sent out but not received When the Android phone is able to send out SMS text messages, but will not receive text messages from a specific contact, or list of phone numbers, the issue might be that the contacts are blocked. See below or to troubleshoot that issue. Cannot receive text messages […]

How to fix mobile data not working on Android?

Mobile data not working Android When having no mobile data on an Android phone, if it cannot access the Internet with the 3G connection, or it won’t connect to the mobile network connection, there are several ways to solve the issue. Check mobile data settings First of all, start by restarting your phone, as a […]

MMS picture messages won’t sent on Android phone

How to solve picture message not sent To be able to send or receive an MMS picture text message, an active working mobile data connection is necessary, as the MMS picture messages are sent over the standard phone network, and cannot be sent with a WiFi connection for example. There are several ways to check […]

How to set mobile network settings APN on Android?

How to set mobile network settings APN When the mobile network data is not working on an Android phone, the reason is most likely that an APN, an Internet access point name, hasn’t been setup. This will allow the phone to access Internet, to browse the World Wide Web, and to send and receive MMS […]

How to get rid of voicemail notification icon on Android?

Turn off voicemail notification on Android When a voicemail arrives, it happen that the notification is stuck on the phone, even after having listened to the voicemail and deleted it. When the voicemails have been listened to, but the notification does not disappear, simply follow below steps to get rid of the voicemail notifications on […]

How to factory reset a locked Android phone?

How do I factory reset a locked Android phone When you are locked out of your Android smartphone and cannot do anything with it, and you cannot unlock the screen with either a password or PIN, the only option to recover the phone is to factory reset it from outside. What to do with locked […]

How to change the default messaging app on Android

Change default messaging app on Android After having download a different SMS text messaging app from the Android app store, it might be a good idea to change the default messaging app from the one given by the phone manufacturer, to the application that has just been downloaded. How to change the default messaging app […]

How to block caller text SMS from a number on Android?

Block texts SMS from a phone number When a phone number sends to much spammy SMS, or you don’t want them to contact you anymore, an easy way to stop these text messages from reaching your phone is to block the sender from sending you text messages on Android. How to block SMS text messages […]

How to block caller ID on Android smartphones?

Why block your number caller ID It might be necessary sometimes to block a caller ID, in order to stop receiving any communication from that specific number, for example to avoid a number that keeps spamming with text messages, or giving unwanted phone calls. In that case, the only solution to get rid of any […]

How to activate OK Google voice commands?

Activate Okay Google voice commands When the OK Google voice commands are not working on an Android phone, simply activate OK Google for your phone, in order to be able to program the voice command. Activate OK Google voice Start by opening the Google app. In case you don’t use it often or can’t find […]

How to solve Android can’t send text to one number?

Android can’t send text to one number When the phone is not able to send text messages to one specific number, the reason might be that the number has been blocked either on sender side or on receiver side, or that the carrier does not allow to send messages anymore, for example because credit limit […]

How to solve Android phone can’t make or receive calls?

Android phone can’t make or receive calls When an Android phone cannot receive calls, or they are going straight to voicemail without ringing the phone, the phone calls are not received by the mobile phone’s SIM card. In some cases, it is also possible that the phone is able to place phone calls to other […]

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