How to extract subtitles from YouTube videos?

How to extract subtitles from YouTube videos The option to extract subtitles from YouTube videos actually is a standard option in YouTube, provided that the video owner has allowed for its viewers to access and copy subtitles from their YouTube videos. To extract subtitles from a YouTube video, go to the three dots menu under […]

Best ad exchange network

Best ad networks for publishers There are many ad exchange networks available to monetize your web site or blog. The best way to monetize it? Register at Ezoic mediation partner, which will select for yourself the highest paying ads for your website based on an auction system. All the below ad network will be taken […]

Prestashop how to create discount and voucher codes (percentage, fixed amount, …)

Prestashop how to create discount and voucher codes Creating a percentage discount code, meaning the customer enters a specific character string at the end of order process, and gets ABC% discount on his order, is pretty easy – and it is even a standard functionality of Prestashop, called a Cart Rule in latest 1.6 version. […]

Prestashop Google Analytics tracking

Ganalytics module for Prestashop In order to analyze your Prestashop website with Google Analytics, all you have to do is to install the module ganalytics. See below an example of how to proceed with prestashop modules Prestashop Google Analytics plugin free download Google Analytics Prestashop install module ganalytics First of all, go to the […]

How to enable GZIP compression WordPress

Enable gzip compression in WordPress In order to render your web pages faster from WordPress, and to score higher on Google PageSpeed Insights, especially on the Enable Compression test, you should activate Gzip compression. You can check if that’s the case for your website on gidnetwork. WordPress GZIP compression test Quick hint : best solution […]

Google PageSpeed Insights solve issues and get green

Google PageSpeed optimization Google PageSpeed Insights [1] is a great tool to see how your website perform. In case you got a poor score, here is a series of articles with easy to implement solutions to solve most of the issues. Google PageSpeed Insights This allowed me to go green on the Google PageSpeed Insights […]

How to create interactive map in Google Sheets

Create interactive map in Google Sheets Want to create a map chart to share, either by putting it online on your website like below, or sharing a picture ? And, on top of that, an interactive map? <a href=”” target=”_blank”>OECD Chart: Hours worked, Total, Hours/worker, Annual, 2014 – 2017</a> Step 1: create new sheet This […]

Check GZIP compression

Fix Google PageSpeed enable compression in PHP and htaccess Enabling gzip compression on your script / webserver will not only help you achieving a greater score on Google PageSpeed “Enable compression” [1] test, but also allow a faster rendering time on your visitors browser. Optimizing encoding and transfer size of text-based assets — Web Fundamentals […]

Solve the tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ is missing

The tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ is missing When implementing AMP pages, and getting the error the tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ is missing or incorrect, but required by ‘amp-ad’. This will soon be an error, in Google Search Console with Google AMP ads or over advertisement network, it simply means that a specific AMP […]

WordPress switch back to classic editor

WordPress back to previous editor To go back to the previous editor of WordPress, go to plugins > add new > classic editor, install and activate the classic editor plugin. WordPress Classic Editor plugin WordPress Gutenberg With the latest update of WordPress 5.0, a new WordPress content editor is included, called Gutenberg, which have a […]

Facebook OG meta tags

Facebook OG meta tags In order to have a website URL showing properly in the Facebook Open Graph, some extra meta tags are necessary, with the page title, the page type, the page URL, the image URL, the page description, the site name, the article publication and modification dates, the article section, the article tag, […]

GoDaddy domain forwarding redirect domain to website

DNS redirect to another domain A domain name bought and administered on GoDaddy can easily redirect to another website, hosted at another registrar. See below how to configure your account to have a domain name from the GoDaddy auction redirected to another server. GoDaddy redirect domain to website After having bought a domain name on […]

cPanel add new domain

How to add a new domain in cPanel Adding a new domain in cPanel is pretty easy, in Addon Domains > Create an Addon domain. When having a website hosting at one provided, and a domain name registered at another provider – for example or – it is necessary to add the domain […]

Setup Gmail with GoDaddy domain or another own domain

How to forward GoDaddy email to Gmail Setup Gmail to send emails from, instead of the, with a quick and easy configuration, and centralize your emails on your Gmail account. It is important to setup personal email addresses, such as, with an own domain name. Forward domain email to Gmail They can […]

PrestaShop install module manually

How to install module in PrestaShop It can be tricky to install a module in PrestaShop, especially for beginners, as the installation module is not fully automatized, like you could be used to see in WordPress or other online content management systems. The process is the following: – Download the module file on your local […]

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