Geneva apartments for rent

Apartments for rent in Geneva Switzerland The housing market is very tight in Geneva, as it is in general in

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How to enable GZIP compression WordPress

Enable gzip compression in WordPress In order to render your web pages faster from WordPress, and to score higher on

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Google PageSpeed Insights solve issues and get green

Google PageSpeed optimization Google PageSpeed Insights [1] is a great tool to see how your website perform. In case you

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Purchasing group in SAP

Create purchasing group in SAP Creating a new purchasing group in SAP is quite simple. Starting from the Customizing transaction

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Solve the tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ is missing

The tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ is missing When implementing AMP pages, and getting the error the tag ‘amp-ad extension

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Instagram ask me a question

Instagram ask me a question story The new interactive sticker on Instagram is ask me a question, and allows your

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How to record screen on Windows 10 for free

Free screen recorder Windows 10 There are several ways to record screen for free on Windows 10, either using the

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How to use Uber

How does Uber work Uber mobile app is a ride booking and tracking application. Open the app, select your current

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How to turn off autoplay on Facebook

Facebook disable autoplay The very annoying new feature of Facebook automatically playing videos can be easily turned off. To stop

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