Gmail how to delete a table from an email message

Deleting a table from a Gmail email message might seem a bit complicated, as selected the whole table and pressing Delete key, or backspace, will only delete the data in the table, but leave the table skeleton. In short, to remove entirely a table from the message : add text before and after the table, […]

SAP How to create or maintain a Purchasing Organization

In SAP, create or maintaining a Purchasing Organization is quite simple. Starting with the customization transaction SPRO, go to Enterprise Structure > Definition > Materials Management > Maintain purchasing organization Here, the list of existing purch. org. will be displayed. Click the New Entries button to create new ones Enter the organization name and description, […]

Interactive maps of average gross salary, net salary, and income tax in Europe

In Europe, the disparities in terms of average salary and taxation can be wide. The highest average salaries, both net and gross, can be found in Switzerland, with some of the lowest income tax (5725€ gross, 17.9% tax, 4700€ net). The lowest average salaries, both net and gross, can be found in Ukraine, with an […]

SAP how to create a new purchasing group

Creating a new purchasing group in SAP is quite simple. Starting from the Customizing transaction SPRO, go to Materials Management > Purchasing > Create Purchasing Groups Here, the existing Purchasing groups will be displayed – click on New Entries to add new ones Enter the details for the required purchasing groups, and press Save A […]

Create a shareable map chart with Google Sheets

Want to create a map chart to share, either by putting it online on your website like below, or sharing a picture ? And, on top of that, an interactive map ? This is very easy with Google Sheets. Start by going on your Drive, and select NEW > Google Sheets In the spreadsheet, paste […]

SAP how to create a storage location

In order to create a new storage location in SAP, the starting point is the customization transaction SPRO, under Enterprise Structure > Definition > Materials Management > Maintain storage location The plant is needed in order to maintain the storage locations for the given structure The existing storage locations will be displayed, they can be […]

Excel filter wildcards and with wildcards – star and interrogation mark

In Microsoft Excel, two wildcards are available for filtering – and they can be used directly in the quick filter, or in the extended search. Putting the character ? will replace any character Putting the character * will replace any string If * is placed at the beginning of a search, result will contain all […]

SAP Define an MRP Controller (Material Requirements Planning)

The MRP Controller in SAP, Material Requirements Planning Controller, is a mandatory field in Material Master. It represents the person, or group, that will be responsible of controlling the material workflow scheduling. In order to define a new MRP Controller, go to the SPRO customizing transaction, under Production > Material Requirements Planning > Master Data […]

Outlook calendar – change weather locations

In Outlook Calendar, you can add as many weather locations as you like as your favorites, and select the one displayed. To add a location, click on the current location, and click Add Location Enter the name of the location, or the closest main city, and click enter to get some city propositions By clicking […]

SAP S/4 HANA ECC6.0 Create a Business partner in new BP transaction

In the new SAP ECC6.0, used in S/4 HANA, the customers and vendors transactions have been merged in the same transaction BP, Business Partner. To create a business partner in the new transaction, open the transaction BP Select the partner type to create – in below example a vendor – in Business Partner => Create […]

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