WordPress sitemap XML SEO sitelinks list

WordPress get all pages In order to get the list of links from your WordPress websites – which you might need for example to get all links from a website to share it, or create a list or redirection pages after a WordPress change site URL, install the plugin All In One SEO Pack. See […]

How to install composer windows

Install xampp on windows 10 The first step is to install xampp, which is one of the best ways to code with PHP on Windows. Composer php requirements are met by the latest versions of xampp in windows 10. xampp free download for windows 10 64 bit  Composer download windows Then, download Composer for Windows, […]

LinkedIn actively seeking employment setting

Quick links Actively seeking new opportunities LinkedIn How to get recruiters to look at your LinkedIn profile How to hide your LinkedIn profile If you are looking for new opportunities, or want to know how to hide LinkedIn profile, there a specific setting for that in LinkedIn, which will either show your profile or hide […]

Amazon Associates OneLink – universal Amazon affiliate link

Amazon affiliate link globalizer Amazon just launched Amazon OneLink affiliate, its own way to build global links for products on Amazon affiliate international traffic. Before, users had to manually provide links per Amazon international site to the website visitors, or provide a list of links and let the user choose which one to click on. […]

Windows search show full path

When performing a search in Windows explorer window, it might be interesting to see the files locations in the results. This is not displayed by default – however, there is an easy way to do it, by displaying the search as a list, and adding the full folder path in displayed columns. Windows search results […]

Move wordpress site to new domain

How to transfer wordpress site to new host When changing host, or wanting to switch to a new domain, there are a few of acions to do on a wordpress installation in order to have it functioning again with the new configuration. WordPress.com Create a free website or blog  However, following this guide, it should […]

cPanel addon domain, create an addon domain

cPanel addon domain In order to create an addon domain in cPanel and assign, first of all login to your cPanel. There, locate the domain names menu, where it will be possible to assign new external domains to the current hosting, and point them to a chosen local folder. This is how to point domain […]

Best cheap web hosting

Best web hosting 2018 selection : best personal website hosting Bluehost for 3$ per month, best web hosting multiple domains, Bluehost for 8$ per month, best cloud hosting provider Hostgator for 8.7$ per month. Cheapest and best web hosting Our top web hosting choice 2018 is Bluehost With plenty of competition, and offers that are […]

How to download subtitles in VLC

How to download movie subtitles in vlc Since a few versions of VLC, there is now a built in option that will search for subtitles of current media file online, download the one selected, and play it with the movie, with only a few clicks. This is achieved by the VLC VLsub extension, which was […]

How to download movies directly for free

Looking for movies to download locally, in order to be able to watch them on the go ? It is actually pretty easy with a small trick on your favorite search engine : simply use the following code, replacing [Title] by the title you are looking for : Search for Elephants dream open source direct […]

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