Generate a map of visited countries

Want to see how much of the world you have seen, and to share it with your friends on social medias ? The Visited States Map Generator on travel website just does that ! Using the quicklinks, jump to the continents you have visited, and select one by one the countries or states you […]

SAP Message C+302 – Material ledger not active in plant

When trying to start a job production startup of material ledger in transaction CKMSTART, the error message C+302, Material ledger not active in plant, might occur To solve this error, go to the customizing IMG, transaction SPRO, and navigate to Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Actual Costing/Material Ledger > Activate Valuation Areas for Material […]

How to import an Excel file in a MySQL database in PHPMyAdmin

It is sometimes easier to work on some data in Excel, before importing in a MySQL database. In order to do so, here are a few simple steps. In short : export the Excel file to CSV, and import the CSV in a new table using the PHPMyAdmin interface. Starting with an Excel, in below […]

SAP Assign purchasing organization to company code and plant

After having created a new purchasing organization, the next step is to assign it to both a company code, and a plant, in order to be able to use it within the MM module. Otherwise, some issues may be faced while creating Purchase orders for example. First of all, go to the customization transaction SPRO, […]

PHPMyAdmin table content not displaying, table marked as crashed and should be repaired, client hasn’t closed the table properly – InnoDB tables

When tables are not getting displayed anymore, and the trick for MyISAM tables isn’t working (repair the tables from the tables structure screen), repairing InnoDB tables can be done via another trick – exporting, deleting and importing them back. In PHPMyAdmin, visit the Export menu, and there simply select Go to export the tables Select […]

PHPMyAdmin table content not displaying, table marked as crashed and should be repaired, client hasn’t closed the table properly – MyISAM tables

After an operation on the MySQL database with PHPMyAdmin, for example complicated search queries that didn’t bring any result and crashed, it might happen that the database isn’t accessible anymore. At this point, when trying to open a table, no content is displayed. The first step is to check the mysql_error.log file – in XAMPP, […]

SAP how to create a profit center – solve issue profit center does not exist

While creating a Cost Center in SAP, the issue KM701 Profit Center does not exist might arise – or, simply, looking how to create a Profit Center ? Or trying to use an inactive Profit Center, but getting the error KM738 Profit center saved in inactive status (see below for this last error) ? If […]

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