Visited countries map generator

Interactive visited countries map On travel website, you can generate a map of countries visited, simply by selected the list of countries, and copying the given link to an image automatically generated. Map of visited countries Want to see how much of the world you have seen, and to share it with your friends […]

Purchase Info Record in SAP MM S4HANA

Purchase Info Record in SAP MM S4HANA A Purchase Info Record, usually simply called PIR, is the link between a material procured externally and the vendor that will effectively supply it. It is a standard data object in the SAP Master Data Management, and the most important information in contains, despite of the link between […]

How to make an Instagram best nine

Best nine 2018 Simply use a website that will generate the best 9 collage for you, or download an app to do it on your smartphone. Best nine 2017 website How to make the best nine on Instagram If you have used Instagram last year, you have most likely already seen some accounts sharing at […]

WordPress switch back to classic editor

WordPress back to previous editor To go back to the previous editor of WordPress, go to plugins > add new > classic editor, install and activate the classic editor plugin. WordPress Classic Editor plugin WordPress Gutenberg With the latest update of WordPress 5.0, a new WordPress content editor is included, called Gutenberg, which have a […]

Facebook OG meta tags

Facebook OG meta tags In order to have a website URL showing properly in the Facebook Open Graph, some extra meta tags are necessary, with the page title, the page type, the page URL, the image URL, the page description, the site name, the article publication and modification dates, the article section, the article tag, […]

Reshare Instagram story

Reshare Instagram story It is now possible to reshare an Instagram story in which you have been tagged in, directly from the application, without having to use an external app or to take a screenshot to repost it on your account. However, to repost a story you have not been mentioned in, some tricks have […]

MS Access Oracle ODBC driver

MS Access ODBC Oracle If you ever tried to retrieve data from an Oracle table in MS Access, you might have experienced the error “Run-time error 3184: Could not execute query; could not find linked table. [IBM][System i Access ODBC Driver][DB2 for i5/OS]SQL0204 – Table in DB Name type *FILE not found. (#-204)” (Fig 1). […]

MS Access MDB repair tool

Repair MDB file Even if we will all agree to say that an Access database should certainly not exist to handle more than 2GB of data, but it can happen for some reasons that you end up with such database (Fig 1). Access file exceeding 2GB For example, when you import external data in the […]

Missing BOM components in Purchase Order

Not possible to determine any components message no. me154 When the subcomponents are not showing up in a PO creation, the solution is to update the purchase order delivery date, according to the BOM components requirement dates. Additional checks to perform are the following when getting the error message ME154 not possible to determine any […]

GoDaddy domain forwarding redirect domain to website

DNS redirect to another domain A domain name bought and administered on GoDaddy can easily redirect to another website, hosted at another registrar. See below how to configure your account to have a domain name from the GoDaddy auction redirected to another server. GoDaddy redirect domain to website After having bought a domain name on […]

Lotus Notes an error was encountered when opening a window

Lotus Notes an error was encountered when opening a window Do not reboot your computer ! All you have to do is to terminate the ntaskldr.exe process. This might happen when hard closing Lotus Notes, for example by terminating the process, or asking Windows to do it when the program does not answer, you might […]

Supplier has not been created for purchasing organization

Vendor has not been created for purchasing organization During a Purchase Info Record (PIR) creation in SAP, the error 06321 Supplier 123 not created by purchasing organization XX might occur – the most likely root cause being that the supplier used isn’t setup as a vendor, and therefore another one is needed. A purchasing info […]

cPanel add new domain

How to add a new domain in cPanel Adding a new domain in cPanel is pretty easy, in Addon Domains > Create an Addon domain. When having a website hosting at one provided, and a domain name registered at another provider – for example or – it is necessary to add the domain […]

TransferWise international money transfer app

How to transfer money internationally Working internationally, general traveling often, or having to pay consultants in other currencies, we always come up to this question: what is the best way to send money abroad? TransferWise: transfer money abroad, good conversion rate and cheap fee, the best online money transfer services app. TransferWise the best way […]

SAP display technical names in dropdown

SAP drop down list settings In the SAP graphical user interface, it might happen that the entries are displayed without their keys (the main identifier from the corresponding table), as seen below. Dropdown list without table keys In order to do so, in the SAP GUI, open the Options… from the Customize Local Layout menu. […]

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