Add server in SAP GUI 740 in 3 easy steps

SAP servers in SAP GUI 740 To access a SAP application server , and use the SAP GUI or FIORI interface , the first step is to proceed to SAP 740 download , then continue with the corresponding SAP 740 installation , and then configure one or more SAP application server , either manually as […]

How to analyze a customer project in SAP Cloud?

Analyzing a customer project in SAP Cloud The last step after plan a customer project and review customer projects , is to analyze the customer project, using the plan a customer project SAP FIORI application in SAP Cloud. Plan customer projects tile Start by opening the plan customer projects tile in FIORI interface . Plan […]

How to review customer projects in SAP Cloud and FIORI app?

Review customer project in SAP After have completed the plan a customer project phase, it is possible to use the SAP FIORI application review customer projects to change them and check some interesting statistics and reports relative to that project. This application will also enable us to review or change project completion status, but also […]

Manage my timesheet and event-based revenue recognition in SAP Cloud

Manage my timesheet and event-based revenue recognition in SAP After having managed to plan a customer project , let’s review time recording in the manage my timesheet app, which is the prerequisite for an event based recognition functionality in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. We will see these two SAP FIORI apps : FIORI manage my timesheet […]

How to plan a customer project in SAP Cloud?

Plan a customer project in SAP Cloud Planning customer projects in SAP Cloud Plan Customer Projects SAP FIORI application will allow to manage all related projects, as part of the SAP Implementation steps for the project. Creating a new Customer project necessitates to define work items, assign resources, and create corresponding billing, which can all […]

How to open posting period in FIORI with SAP OB52 transaction?

What is a posting period? A posting period is a time interval during which it is allowed to create documents that are dated in that range. On top of the time range allowing documents posting, the posting periods are created for specific SAP General Ledger accounts, which can be selected by range. It is possible […]

How to allow posting to previous period in SAP?

Backposting in SAP It is possible in SAP to allow posting in previous period, providing that a close posting periods hasn’t been done on the target previous posting period. allow posting to previous period (Backposting) in MM period close SAP FIORI allow posting to previous period Start by researching in the FIORI interface for the […]

How to create a supplier invoice in SAP? FB60 in SAP FIORI

SAP supplier invoice creation process The SAP supplier invoice creation is a straightforward process in SAP FIORI interface , with a dedicated transaction that is named the same way: create supplier invoice. The SAP supplier invoice can be created by referencing an SAP purchase order or by simply adding the required line items. The SAP […]

How to use the SAP S4 HANA FIORI interface?

Using the SAP S4 HANA FIORI interface The new SAP S4 HANA FIORI interface offers new great way to access an SAP system from a web based interface on a web browser, making it much easier to use with different devices, and without the need to install SAP GUI . One of the most useful […]

List of SAP S4 HANA FIORI apps

See below screenshots of all the different categories of currently available FIORI applications, and let us know in comments which ones you miss for your job. Also, do not hesitate to try them yourself on an SAP system by checking our offer for FIORI interface access and SAP IDES. SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library SAP […]

Plan-Buy-Pay, how does Ariba process works?

What is the Plan-Buy-Pay process? The Plan-Buy-Pay process, which is the key idea that governs Ariba’s business, is the possibility that the entire procurement process is interconnected, with the ability to anticipate the required merchandise in an organization, which will be acquired from an external manufacturer, or within another distribution centre, and that these prerequisites […]

What is procurement lifecycle management for operational purchasing?

Operational procurement lifecycle management The operational procurement lifecycle management process enables a company to make purchases that will be valuable for the office, production or sale departments. SAP sales and distribution online training The larger the business, the more it will benefit by applying best purchasing practices. In any case, even the smallest companies will […]

How to change password in SAP?

How to change user password in SAP There are several ways to change your user password in SAP: before login, by using the new password option, after login, by going to user data menu, out of the system, with the self service reset password management. See below how to use these different options to change […]

Close a posting period in SAP FI OB52 transaction

Posting period closing in SAP FI Closing a posting period in SAP FI can be done by accessing the transaction code OB52 close posting period in subsidiary ledgers, or by accessing the SAP menu > accounting > financial accounting > general ledger > reporting > tax reports > France > sales/purchase tax returns > deferred […]

Create a company code in SAP FI

How to create a company code in SAP The creation of a company code in SAP, one of the most basic organizational unit within the SAP system, is pretty simple, and can be done directly in the SPRO customization image, under Enterprise Structure > Definition > Financial Accounting > Define company. Create a company code […]

How to reset and change SAP password?

How to reset and change SAP password Reset and changing the password in SAP are two different operations. To reset password, the action must be triggered by the system administrator, eventually from an automatic script originating from the user self service password reset request. To change password, the action can be done by the user […]

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