Message V1762 maintain plant for the sales area

Purchase order error maintain plant for the sales area While creating an SAP purchase order, it is necessary to have the plant in which the SAP purchase order will take place maintained for the corresponding sales area, as these two basic basic organizational units are not necessarily linked. This customization will happen in the customizing […]

Error Message M7001 Check table T159L entry does not exist

Goods receipt error plant does not exist During a Goods receipt in SAP transaction codes MIGO it might happen that the plant hasn’t been defined for inventory management, thus throwing an error M7001 check table T159L entry does not exist, after having created an SAP supplier invoice for the goods receipt as part of the […]

Error Message M8889 Account has been set as not relevant for Tax

Solve SAP error M8889 account not relevant for tax During the creation of an incoming SAP supplier invoice as part of the plan buy pay process in the operational procurement scenario, you might run into the error account has been set as not relevant for tax. This SAP error simply mean that the account must […]

Change SAP NetWeaver logon language in 2 easy steps

Changing the SAP NetWeaver logon language Changing the SAP Netweaver logon language can be done directly in the SAP logon window, regardless of the version you are using. See below a full example to change SAP language of the SAP logon 750, which can be done directly after having finished the SAP 750 installation. It […]

Solve SAP RFQ error ME013 Document type not allowed with doc. category

SAP error ME013 while creating a Request For Quotation While creating a request for quotation in the SAP quotation process, the error message ME013 might appear, document type not allowed with document category. Part of the operational procurement of the plan buy pay process in the procurement lifecycle management, the creation of an RFQ, also […]

How to create a material in SAP?

What is material creation in SAP Creating a material in SAP can have two different definitions: either create a new material from scratch with transaction MM01, or extend an existing material to the required Material Master views with transaction MM02, such as Plant views to make the material available in another location or create a […]

Create a plant location in SAP Logistics

Plant location in SAP Logistics The plant locations in SAP Logistics and SAP Plant Maintenance can be created in the customizing transaction SPRO. Do not mix them with the SAP storage locations also used in Logistics modules. The master data locations are used for informative assignment only, as they will allow to structure reporting for […]

Purchasing organization in SAP explained: creation, assignment, tables

What is a purchasing organization in SAP MM? A purchasing organization in SAP MM represents a physical entity, a team of persons, that is responsible to purchase some materials and services. Typically, a company has several purchasing organizations, each of them responsible of one or more specific geographical localizations, providers, or types of materials. For […]

How to perform quotation price comparison in SAP?

Price comparison in SAP After having performed operations of the procurement lifecycle management such as create several purchase requisition, sent request for quotation to different vendors, received their SAP quotation and registered them in the system, it is possible to compare the SAP quotation prices received in the transaction ME49 compare prices, to select the […]

Solve issue factory calendar in SAP does not exist

Factory calendar in SAP and inbound delivery The factory calendar in SAP is used to tell the SAP system and its users when a factory is able to work, including bank holidays, working days, and work hours. It is therefore used to plan the production, following the MRP procedure defined in the Master Master views […]

ME47 SAP quotation creation for purchasing in easy steps

SAP quotation explained A quotation in SAP is created as part of a SAP purchase order creation in the SAP MM module, after having received quotations from a supplier following a request for quotation that has been sent to them. It is a document received from a supplier that contains its terms and conditions for […]

Why is VPN Useful for a Business? Best SAP VPN solutions for business

Why is VPN useful for a business? VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are getting familiar with internet users around the world. However, most of the netizens take advantage of choosing a VPN only to access blocked websites. The benefit of VPNs is far beyond that. Have you ever thought about using a VPN for business use […]

Add server in SAP GUI 750 in 3 easy steps

SAP servers in SAP GUI 750 To access a SAP application server , and use the SAP GUI or FIORI interface , the first step is to proceed to download SAP logon 750, then continue with the corresponding SAP 750 installation , and then configure one or more SAP application server , either manually as […]

Add server in SAP GUI 740 in 3 easy steps

SAP servers in SAP GUI 740 To access a SAP application server , and use the SAP GUI or FIORI interface , the first step is to proceed to SAP 740 download , then continue with the corresponding SAP 740 installation , and then configure one or more SAP application server , either manually as […]

How to analyze a customer project in SAP Cloud?

Analyzing a customer project in SAP Cloud The last step after plan a customer project and review customer projects , is to analyze the customer project, using the plan a customer project SAP FIORI application in SAP Cloud. Plan customer projects tile Start by opening the plan customer projects tile in FIORI interface . Plan […]

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