How to solve an ASUS laptop disabled touchpad?

How to solve a disabled touchpad on ASUS ZenBook Having disabled by mistake the ASUS ZenBook touchpad, with the impossibility to reactive it using the keyboard shortcut, the only solution is to go to Windows settings > devices > touchpad > set touchpad to ON. See below a detailed guide on how to solve that […]

How to create a workflow in SalesForce?

How to create a workflow rule in SalesForce Creating a workflow rule in SalesForce is done in the SalesForce setup, under process automation > worlkflow actions. What is a workflow in SalesForce? Workflows are used to automatize actions. See below in detail what are they used for, how to create them, and how to activate […]

How to create a report in SalesForce?

Report creation in SalesForce Creating a report in SalesForce is a basic and very important operation, as is it also the base to export data from SalesForce to Excel or CSV for example. Creating a report can be done by access the report menu in the navigation bar, and must be added in the bar […]

How to download videos online using xVideoServiceThief?

How to download videos online using xVideoServiceThief Have you at any point discovered an online video you’d love to download and add to your library? Maybe it’s a video of your most loved recipe, a montage of your favorite funny cat videos, or a how-to course for a tech issue you’ve been battling with. It […]

How to turn off Chrome notifications on Windows10?

Turn off Chrome notifications Windows10 The Chrome notifications can easily become annoying on Windows10. However, there is an easy way to turn them off, by going to settings > content settings > notifications > block. See below a detailed example to turn off Chrome notifications on Windows 10 – it also world to turn off […]

How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp?

How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp When you are blocked by somebody, the only way to unblock yourself on WhatsApp is to delete your account, uninstall the application, reinstall it and create a new account. The only way to unblock yourself on WhatsApp without deleting the account is to have your contact to remove your […]

How to change Windows 10 file associations?

Change Windows 10 file associations When opening a file type in Windows Explorer, and having it opened in another program than the one you would like to, the solution is to change the Windows 10 file associations for these types of files, based on the file extension. Do to so, go to settings > apps […]

How to add back the Notepad++ missing plugin manager?

How to install Notepad plus plus missing plugin manager In the latest versions of Notepad++, the plugin manager is not present by default anymore. To add it back, it is necessary to install the plugin nppPluginManager that will actually replace the plugin manager, and allow to search, install, update and delete Notepad++ plugins. Notepad++ Home […]

How to screen record Windows for free with PowerPoint?

Did you know that PowerPoint can screen record for free That is right, you read well – if you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can now screen record for free your Windows desktop, with a very good quality. If a PowerPoint presentation is on presentation mode, you can turn the PowerPoint presentation […]

How to extract subtitles from YouTube videos?

How to extract subtitles from YouTube videos The option to extract subtitles from YouTube videos actually is a standard option in YouTube, provided that the video owner has allowed for its viewers to access and copy subtitles from their YouTube videos. To extract subtitles from a YouTube video, go to the three dots menu under […]

Close a posting period in SAP FI OB52 transaction

Posting period closing in SAP FI Closing a posting period in SAP FI can be done by accessing the transaction code OB52 close posting period in subsidiary ledgers, or by accessing the SAP menu > accounting > financial accounting > general ledger > reporting > tax reports > France > sales/purchase tax returns > deferred […]

Create a company code in SAP FI

How to create a company code in SAP The creation of a company code in SAP, one of the most basic organizational unit within the SAP system, is pretty simple, and can be done directly in the SPRO customization image, under Enterprise Structure > Definition > Financial Accounting > Define company. Create a company code […]

How to reset and change SAP password?

How to reset and change SAP password Reset and changing the password in SAP are two different operations. To reset password, the action must be triggered by the system administrator, eventually from an automatic script originating from the user self service password reset request. To change password, the action can be done by the user […]

SAP how to export to Excel spreadsheet?

How to export SAP data to Excel Exporting data from SAP to Excel is pretty simple. Once in a display table transaction, find the arrow icon on top of the table, and click on it. There should be an option there called Spreadsheet. Select that option, save the file locally, and open it in Excel […]

SAP MM interview questions – and their answers

SAP MM interview questions and answers See below a list of probable common SAP interview questions and their answers. Do not hesitate to look up in an actual working SAP system how these answers are really put at use before going on an interview. 1 – MRP Procedures available in consumption Based Planning There are […]

Solve the error field value date is a required field for G/L account

Solve error field value date required In SAP S/4HANA FIORI application create supplier invoice, the error field value date is a required field for G/L account can occur. This means that the field value date has been set as mandatory for that field status group in the settings, and might have to be corrected, in […]

How to export contacts from SalesForce Lightning?

How to export contacts from SalesForce Exporting contacts from SalesForce is a pretty easy operation, by creating a report containing the contacts to export, and export that report to Excel or another available export format from SalesForce. See below a full example of the exportation of a full contacts list. Create report with contacts Start […]

How to create a dashboard in SalesForce Lightning and add components?

How to create a dashboard in SalesForce Creating a dashboard in SalesForce will allow you to access quickly and efficiently the most important information for your activity. To create one, simply go to dashboards in the navigation apps > new dashboard, and add the components that are necessary for your quick visualization. Create a new […]

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