How to add a foreign key in phpMyAdmin

Adding a foreign key in phpMyAdmin is pretty simple, but the option might be difficult to find. Open the table in which you want to add the foreign key. Go to the tab Structure, in which you will find a sub menu called Relation View. There, select to column which will hold the foreign key, […]

How to Compare Flight and Hotel prices – Find the best deals

When looking for flight and / or hotel bookings, it is usually a good idea to use several price comparison website to make sure to find the agency that offers the best price, for the exact same product. In short : book 4 weeks in advance, look for alternative airports / dates, use different comparison […]

PHP GD generated image The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors in Firefox

When generating an image with PHP, for example adding a watermark to a server stored picture, using below code, or similar one with JPEG instead of PNG, image might not be generated at all and throw an error, directly visible on Firefox, but not on Chrome. This kind of code, despite working on some servers, […]

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