Scribus tutorial add hyperlink to PDF

How to add hyperlink to PDF Using Scribus free software, it is possible to add a hyperlink on top of any image, and export it to PDF format. When working on a document, would it be a vectorial document, a print poster, or simply a jpeg image, it is possible to add on top of […]

View Instagram stories archive

Story saver for InstaGram The stories are automatically saved on Instagram application, and can be accessed from the rewind icon the account page overview. After a story has disappeared, when the 24 hours publication have passed, it is still possible to access all the previous stories, and see the details of that story: who has […]

How to create plant in SAP S4 HANA

SAP plant definition There are two ways to create a new plant in SAP S4 HANA, see below our sap plant configuration guide. The first one is to go directly in the transaction OX10 from the SAP S4 HANA easy access home screen. Tcode for plant creation in SAP OX10 Tcode for plant creation in […]

Notepad++ copy with formatting

Notepad++ copy with formatting The text formatting in Notepad++ can be copied to clipboard or exported using the menu Plugins > NppExport > Export to RTF or Export to HTML. Once exported, the formatted text with its syntax highlighting can be pasted in other applications, such as LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, or a WordPress post. Several […]

Gift ideas for business travelers

Best gifts for business travelers A new cabin or checked luggage, a perfect laptop case, a great suit, good shoes, new socks, or a new powerbank? What to offer to a businessman, a gentleman, a white collar globetrotter? This question never gets old… As a traveler, living with my luggage and nothing else, for more […]

Setup Gmail with GoDaddy domain or another own domain

How to forward GoDaddy email to Gmail Setup Gmail to send emails from, instead of the, with a quick and easy configuration, and centralize your emails on your Gmail account. It is important to setup personal email addresses, such as, with an own domain name. Forward domain email to Gmail They can […]

How to see Google number of results

Google number of results For some users targeted by Google, the estimated number of search results isn’t displayed anymore. To get it back, sign out from the Google account, switch Google account, use a private browsing window, or search on another Google country website. It is not possible to opt out of these tests that […]

How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages

The way to restore a chat history is the same as transferring WhatsApp messages from a phone to another, by restoring a WhatsApp backup. Of course, the backups must have been properly setup first. To restore WhatsApp messages, or to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone, simply perform the following steps, depending on the […]

Notepad++ word count tool

How many words Notepad++ There are three easy ways to get the word count in Notepad++, and also the character count, along with the number of lines, with fast and simple tricks in Notepad++: menu View > Summary…, double click on the text length / lines count in the bottom status bar, use the plugin […]

SAP export to Excel any report with print to file

SAP export to excel any report with print to file It is possible to export basically any SAP list to Excel, the process being actually to print it to a file, allowing to choose several solutions, unconverted printing, MS Excel spreadsheet export, rich text format for display in notepad, HTML format for web browser display, […]

PrestaShop install module manually

How to install module in PrestaShop It can be tricky to install a module in PrestaShop, especially for beginners, as the installation module is not fully automatized, like you could be used to see in WordPress or other online content management systems. The process is the following: – Download the module file on your local […]

PHPMyAdmin display description in foreign key drop down selection

PHPMyAdmin drop down foreign key description It is possible in PHPMyAdmin to display the description of a foreign key, instead of the identifier field. For example, with a table of cities referencing a table of countries, where the identifier is a unique incremental number, display the country description instead of the number. SQL table insert […]

Bluetooth paired but not connected Windows 10

Reconnect Bluetooth It can happen that a Bluetooth device, such as a headset, which has been previously paired and connected on a Windows installation, is suddenly unable to reconnect, ending up with a Bluetooth speaker paired but no sound. There are several possible reasons to this, and several solutions which should allow you to reconnect […]

Invoice mass reversal in SAP

Reverse a document in SAP in possible, using the mass reversal tcode in SAP FB08 for individual reversal, and F.80 for mass reversal. reverse invoice sap Starting with invoices that have been created for example in the transaction FB70 enter customer invoice, we might end up with several customer invoices that we want to cancel, […]