Get around Youtube error The uploader has not made this video available in your country

The uploader has not made this video available in your country Have you ever gotten mad because of the YouTube error The upload has not made this video available in your country? You probably did not understand why would this even happen, as Internet has been created to share knowledge and culture worldwide, and not […]

Install the native Windows 10 SSH client PowerShell in few steps

Native Windows 10 SSH powershell Since Windows 10, there is now a built-in Windows SSH client that is not installed by default, but that can be added as an optional through the settings menu. An SSH, for secure shell, is an encrypted communication protocol to exchange information between a client and a server such as […]

When to Invest in Tech for Your Small Business

With a small business, you need to be careful about your budget and analyze every expenditure. When it comes to technology, you don’t need to buy the latest and greatest of everything. However, there are areas where you should spend the money because it will pay off in the long run. Let’s look at some […]

How to create a material in SAP?

What is material creation in SAP Creating a material in SAP can have two different definitions: either create a new material from scratch with transaction MM01, or extend an existing material to the required Material Master views with transaction MM02, such as Plant views to make the material available in another location or create a […]

Create a plant location in SAP Logistics

Plant location in SAP Logistics The plant locations in SAP Logistics and SAP Plant Maintenance can be created in the customizing transaction SPRO. Do not mix them with the SAP storage locations also used in Logistics modules. The master data locations are used for informative assignment only, as they will allow to structure reporting for […]

Purchasing organization in SAP explained: creation, assignment, tables

What is a purchasing organization in SAP MM? A purchasing organization in SAP MM represents a physical entity, a team of persons, that is responsible to purchase some materials and services. Typically, a company has several purchasing organizations, each of them responsible of one or more specific geographical localizations, providers, or types of materials. For […]

How to perform quotation price comparison in SAP?

Price comparison in SAP After having performed operations of the procurement lifecycle management such as create several purchase requisition, sent request for quotation to different vendors, received their SAP quotation and registered them in the system, it is possible to compare the SAP quotation prices received in the transaction ME49 compare prices, to select the […]

Solve issue factory calendar in SAP does not exist

Factory calendar in SAP and inbound delivery The factory calendar in SAP is used to tell the SAP system and its users when a factory is able to work, including bank holidays, working days, and work hours. It is therefore used to plan the production, following the MRP procedure defined in the Master Master views […]

ME47 SAP quotation creation for purchasing in easy steps

SAP quotation explained A quotation in SAP is created as part of a SAP purchase order creation in the SAP MM module, after having received quotations from a supplier following a request for quotation that has been sent to them. It is a document received from a supplier that contains its terms and conditions for […]

Request for quotation: Create easily an RFQ in SAP using ME41

What is an RFQ in SAP? An RFQ in SAP, short for request for quotation , is a document created following a purchase requisition , and sent to potential suppliers, to be able to compare in the SAP system different SAP quotation that have been received from these providers. As part of the procurement lifecycle […]

How to make APK from Android Studio? Generate a signed bundle

How to make APK from Android Studio? Making an APK or a signed bundle from Android Studio is a necessary step to setup app on Google Play Store , as the Google Android app bundle and Google Play bundle APK are the packages that must be created to upload app bundle to Play Store and […]

How to create app and upload on Play Store?

Create signed Android app and upload on Play Store After having setup app on Google Play Store in the GooglePlayConsole , and generated a Google Android app bundle using AndroidStudio , the next step to have the created Android application published on the GooglePlayStore is to upload app bundle to Play Store , which will […]

Create a Google Android app bundle in few easy steps

Creating a Google Play bundle for Play Store upload A Google Android app bundle package is a compressed file that contains all details about an application to upload on the GooglePlayStore . After having figured how to create app in Google Play Store , it is necessary to create a signed Android app bundle APK […]

How to create an app in Google Play Store?

How to create app in Google Play Store? Creating an app in Google Play Store necessitates several steps: opening an account on GooglePlayStore , Creating an application on the Play Store, Generating icons using the AndroidAssetStudio , and selecting tags to use on the Play Store, after what it will be possible to upload app […]

How Do You Post On Instagram? Quick Steps For An Excellent Post

How do you post on Instagram? Instagram is growing faster and faster, threatening Facebook ‘s first place as the most popular social network in the world. That won’t sound scary Facebook much, as it is the owner of Instagram. Well, if you’re a newbie to Instagram, you might wonder how do you post on Instagram. […]

How to upload a video to IGTV from phone?

Upload a video to IGTV, Instagram TeleVision Launched recently, IGTV is the future of video consumption on Internet, as per some estimates, it is planned to be the main media used on Internet in general, and on Instagram in particular. Plus, the new IGTV offers amazing new features, such as the possibility to upload and […]

SalesForce: How to activate a flow in the SalesForce flow builder?

How to activate a flow in SalesForce Lightning flow builder? Activating a flow in SalesForce flow builder can be done in the setup process automation menu, where it is necessary to create a new view to be able to add a flow in the view using the flow builder, where it will also be possible […]

How to easily change or reset user password with SalesForce password policies?

Cannot reset password in SalesForce, why? Resetting the user password in SalesForce necessitates to verify all of the password policies that have been setup by the system administrator, and might sometimes lead to users feeling like they cannot reset their password in the SalesForce Lightning interface. However, all they have to do in to respect […]

How to use SalesForce?

How do you use SalesForce CRM? The SalesForce platform CRM is a cloud based customer relationship management fully accessed online, from desktop or from mobile phone, through a web interface. In order to be able to use the powerful CRM, you first have to login on SalesForce account , and, if you don’t have an […]

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