Manage my timesheet and event-based revenue recognition in SAP Cloud

Manage my timesheet and event-based revenue recognition in SAP After having managed to plan a customer project , let’s review time recording in the manage my timesheet app, which is the prerequisite for an event based recognition functionality in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. We will see these two SAP FIORI apps : FIORI manage my timesheet […]

How to plan a customer project in SAP Cloud?

Plan a customer project in SAP Cloud Planning customer projects in SAP Cloud Plan Customer Projects SAP FIORI application will allow to manage all related projects, as part of the SAP Implementation steps for the project. Creating a new Customer project necessitates to define work items, assign resources, and create corresponding billing, which can all […]

MSExcel: How to find the position of a character in a string?

Excel find position of character in string Finding the position of a character in a string can be a very simple operation in MSExcel, by using the corresponding built-in function “FIND”. Excel find character position in string and extract substring For example, let’s say that we have a list of directories and file names, and […]

How to make a Vlookup in Google Sheets?

What is a Vlookup Google Sheets Performing a Google Sheet Vlookup is very similar to how to do vlookup in excel , by using a single function to search for a string in a list of values, and returning a specific column on the same line as the value found. The function Vlookup, which means […]

Effective online logo design in 8 steps for free

Best online logo design service for free Using some websites, like the best online logo design for free that is Flamingtext, it is possible to create an effective online logo design in as little as 8 steps: Enter the text of the logo, Select the logo style, Select a variation or edit more in detail, […]

How to get an SAP professional certification online?

Getting an SAP professional certification To get an SAP professional certification and be eligible for some 100 000$ jobs, one way is to register at Michael Management SAP education online for free, and preview all their SAP courses. After buying a training access – and eventually access to a SAP online system , follow the […]

Ezoic premium review – is it worth it?

Ezoic premium review The Google certified publishing partner Ezoic offers on private invitation basis to join a premium program, that will allow the access to personalized ad partners that will increase the overall website revenue, compared to only monetize Google sites with increased Google AdSense payment compared to using only this ad network. This service […]

What’s the best way to force HTTPS and WWW but allow localhost?

HTACCESS force HTTPS and WWW but allow localhost It is important to force HTTPS and WWW for several reasons: earn the trust of your visitors by showing the connection is secure, and, if you are using a subdomain such as www, keeping consistency with your visitors and your reporting, on your cheap web hosting for […]

How to solve an ASUS laptop disabled touchpad?

How to solve a disabled touchpad on ASUS ZenBook Having disabled by mistake the ASUS ZenBook touchpad, with the impossibility to reactive it using the keyboard shortcut, the only solution is to go to Windows settings > devices > touchpad > set touchpad to ON. See below a detailed guide on how to solve that […]

Create custom field SalesForce

Creating a custom field in SalesForce is done in the Setup > Object Manager menu, from where it is possible to either create custom fields for your SalesForce client, or also to delete custom fields. Add Custom Fields Unit | Salesforce Trailhead Create Custom Fields – Salesforce Help Accessing SalesForce setup Object Manager Start by […]

How to get more Google Drive storage for free?

Get free Google Drive space How to get more Google Drive storage for free? That’s easy, simply by buying a device such as an Asus product, that will offer you 100GB storage for a year for free, thus saving you the 20€ annual fee for a 100GB Google Drive cloud storage. Every Asus device, such […]

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