How to open posting period in FIORI with SAP OB52 transaction?

What is a posting period? A posting period is a time interval during which it is allowed to create documents that are dated in that range. On top of the time range allowing documents posting, the posting periods are created for specific SAP General Ledger accounts, which can be selected by range. It is possible […]

How to allow posting to previous period in SAP?

Backposting in SAP It is possible in SAP to allow posting in previous period, providing that a close posting periods hasn’t been done on the target previous posting period. allow posting to previous period (Backposting) in MM period close SAP FIORI allow posting to previous period Start by researching in the FIORI interface for the […]

How to create a supplier invoice in SAP? FB60 in SAP FIORI

SAP supplier invoice creation process The SAP supplier invoice creation is a straightforward process in SAP FIORI interface , with a dedicated transaction that is named the same way: create supplier invoice. The SAP supplier invoice can be created by referencing an SAP purchase order or by simply adding the required line items. The SAP […]

How to use the SAP S4 HANA FIORI interface?

Using the SAP S4 HANA FIORI interface The new SAP S4 HANA FIORI interface offers new great way to access an SAP system from a web based interface on a web browser, making it much easier to use with different devices, and without the need to install SAP GUI . One of the most useful […]

List of SAP S4 HANA FIORI apps

See below screenshots of all the different categories of currently available FIORI applications, and let us know in comments which ones you miss for your job. Also, do not hesitate to try them yourself on an SAP system by checking our offer for FIORI interface access and SAP IDES. SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library SAP […]

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