Plan-Buy-Pay, how does Ariba process works?

What is the Plan-Buy-Pay process? The Plan-Buy-Pay process, which is the key idea that governs Ariba’s business, is the possibility that the entire procurement process is interconnected, with the ability to anticipate the required merchandise in an organization, which will be acquired from an external manufacturer, or within another distribution centre, and that these prerequisites […]

What is procurement lifecycle management for operational purchasing?

Operational procurement lifecycle management The operational procurement lifecycle management process enables a company to make purchases that will be valuable for the office, production or sale departments. SAP sales and distribution online training The larger the business, the more it will benefit by applying best purchasing practices. In any case, even the smallest companies will […]

How to change password in SAP?

How to change user password in SAP There are several ways to change your user password in SAP: before login, by using the new password option, after login, by going to user data menu, out of the system, with the self service reset password management. See below how to use these different options to change […]

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