6 thoughts on “Facebook Page – how to change the admin (Page owner)

  • Tablante

    Ummm you do know your post has nothing to do with page ownership which people are having trouble with. Your title is misleading and should be changed to Admin instead, if you know how to help with “ownership” then go for it.

    • ybierling

      Hello, admin is the highest role – if the page creator (at first the only admin) adds an admin and removes himself, ownership has been been fully changed.
      This is what is shown in the article with a complete example.

  • agreed – only shows admin NOT ownership removal. Poor article.

  • Agreed that this page is misleading. I am also looking for how to remove ownership, not remove admin status. Has anyone determined how to transfer page ownership to another user?

    • Hello, this is what the page is explaining. Admin owns the page.

  • @ybierling I am looking to change the “PAGE OWNER” and not Page admin.
    @Anon @Molly did you guys find if you can change the Pager owner ? I having difficulty creating an Ad Account for a client because I am the Page owner.

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