Gift ideas for business gentleman

What to offer to a businessman, a gentleman, a white collar globetrotter ? This question never gets old…

As a traveller, living with my luggage and nothing else, here are some advice. If he works in suit, travels some or all the time, these are essential to a business gentleman.

Make him ready to travel

A good bagage is always appreciated – for the perfect sets, what he needs is :

– a cabin luggage for the short 2 days business trips[1]. You want it soft, because it will handle a lot, and sometimes you need to get a few centimers more or less

– a large luggage to take his life with him [2]. You will want this one hard, because it has to survive without you and endure things you won’t see

– a good laptop case [3]. It must look good, but also be practical, and of course keep safely a laptop

Make him work and travel in style and comfort

These are what he needs in his wardrobe, to go to office or to go to an ambassador’s cocktail

a proper and tailored suit [4], don’t hesitate to visit the shop two times after the first try to make everything fit perfectly

socks that looks as good as they feel [5] (or maybe the inverse ?), the ones in lisle thread are perfect

good shoes [6], he can’t complain that it is too hard for men to find good working shoes, for example with a classic model [7]

a nice tie [8], go for a plain one and you won’t make any mistake

customized cufflinks [9] or engraved tie clips [10] and he will definitely stand out in his next presentation – and thank you for that

Keep him comfortable with these accessories

A luggage scale [11], always helpful when on the move, to make sure he can fit this one more bottle of champagne for you

A proper toiletry bag [12], you want it to be foldable, so he can chose how to fit it in his luggage (folded or not), and you want to be able to hang it in any hotel room

a large capacity powerbank [13], so he can charge his tablet once, or his smartphone 4 / 5 times, or both at the same time, on the move or just when he’s too lazy to reach the plug

and a portable one [14], that he can keep in his jackets anytime and use discreetly for one phone charge

a proper micro USB cable [15], if he uses most of the Android or Windows phone, to make sure he can always exchange data with computer, and charge properly

or a proper iPhone cable [16], if he got an Apple phone

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