3 Reasons Why a VPN is Indispensable to Your Business

3 Reasons Why a VPN is Indispensable to Your Business The internet has long become an indispensable part of all businesses. It enhances communication, simplifies the procedures and thus, it saves the companies’ budget. Information is power and so hackers always want to sneak into companies’ network to leak it. In response, the companies need [...]

Message V1762 maintain plant for the sales area

Purchase order error maintain plant for the sales area While creating an SAP purchase order, it is necessary to have the plant in which the SAP purchase order will take place maintained for the corresponding sales area, as these two basic basic organizational units are not necessarily linked. This customization will happen in the customizing [...]

How to use SalesForce Lightning?

SalesForce Your Data – Encrypted. Identity – Anonymous. Internet Speed – Superior. How to use SalesForce Lightning?  2020-01-21 2020-01-21  International Consulting  SalesForce SalesForce Lightning interface How to use SalesForce Lightning? How to use SalesForce Lightning? SalesForce Lightning interface Configuration and documentation Sales applications navigation items Aplication items Similar articles Comments (0) Your Data [...]

Detected a virus that leaves false reviews about applications

"Kaspersky Lab" has detected a virus with which attackers distribute numerous ads and install various applications on their devices without the owners' knowledge, as well as leave fake reviews on Google Play on their behalf. In addition, the virus gains access to the Google or Facebook accounts of the device owner and can use them [...]

The reason behind (most) failed SAP implementations

Articles Your Data – Encrypted. Identity – Anonymous. Internet Speed – Superior. The reason behind (most) failed SAP implementations  2020-01-21 2020-01-21  International Consulting  Articles Failed it book The reason behind (most) failed SAP implementations ERP implementation failure reasons 1- Micromanagement 2- Miscommunication 3- Failing combination Reasons for ERP failure, and how to avoid [...]

Best tips to create and sell online courses

How to develop an online course? To create an online course, and sell online courses successfully to potential students, requires to reflect on your knowledge, remember your audience is not expert, and build great material. After that, you will be able to create courses such as SAP online training that might lead to professional certifications [...]

Error Message M7001 Check table T159L entry does not exist

Goods receipt error plant does not exist During a Goods receipt in SAP transaction codes MIGO it might happen that the plant hasn't been defined for inventory management, thus throwing an error M7001 check table T159L entry does not exist, after having created an SAP supplier invoice for the goods receipt as part of the [...]

Quickly add a chart to report in SalesForce Ligthning

Adding a chart to a report in SalesForce Lightning When the button add chart is greyed out in a report created in SalesForce do not panic - a simple manipulation has to be made to be able to create a chart from that report, and the trick can be used anytime when creating reports in [...]

Error Message M8889 Account has been set as not relevant for Tax

Solve SAP error M8889 account not relevant for tax During the creation of an incoming SAP supplier invoice as part of the plan buy pay process in the operational procurement scenario, you might run into the error account has been set as not relevant for tax. This SAP error simply mean that the account must [...]

Easy SalesForce classic to Lightning migration steps

SalesForce classic to lightning migration steps Before being able to offer your users to switch by themselves from SalesForce Classic to Lightning through the SalesForce interface, you must consider migrating from SalesForce Classic to Lightning. Nowadays and since 2019, SalesForce Lightning is the standard version offered to all users, and the company is pushing all [...]

How to record voice on Windows 10 easily with Audacity?

Easy steps to use the best free voice recording software for Windows 10 To record voice on Windows 10 the easiest way might be to use the Audacity music software for Windows that can be downloaded and used for free, as a WAV file editor for Windows 10 and as a free MP3 recorder for [...]

Change SAP NetWeaver logon language in 2 easy steps

Changing the SAP NetWeaver logon language Changing the SAP Netweaver logon language can be done directly in the SAP logon window, regardless of the version you are using. See below a full example to change SAP language of the SAP logon 750, which can be done directly after having finished the SAP 750 installation. It [...]

Solve SAP RFQ error ME013 Document type not allowed with doc. category

SAP error ME013 while creating a Request For Quotation While creating a request for quotation in the SAP quotation process, the error message ME013 might appear, document type not allowed with document category. Part of the operational procurement of the plan buy pay process in the procurement lifecycle management, the creation of an RFQ, also [...]

Difference between SAP ERP and SAP HANA

Difference between SAP ERP and SAP HANA The comparison of SAP HANA and SAP ERP is similar to the one of car and carpet. The only thing in common is that the former is already included into the latter one. Both solutions differ by the purposes of their implementation, their essence, structural elements, and advantages [...]

How to publish an Instagram AR filter?

Steps to publish a Facebook or Instagram AR filter After having prepared your Instagram AR filter using Spark AR Studio software, still on your computer, you will have to publish it on the Spark AR Hub in order to see the augmented reality effect appear in the list of available filters for all users. Several [...]

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