Best business laptop bag to travel with style and class

A few months back, my company laptop bag was slowly getting close to its limits. The strap was getting close to fall into pieces, the fabric was getting used to the limit. It was time to look for a new alternative.
Which one could combine the three following attributes : style, usefulness, and reasonable price.
After spending a few months looking around, on online, airport, and some other shops, it appeared nearly all the bags fall into one of the below three categories.
Quick hint : the best bag you can find is probably a Kastel bag.


Affordable price missing features (<100$ / 90€)

These bags are affordable, and in case you make a bad choice, you can surely change it anytime, especially considering the price.
They are great to hold a tablet or a slim laptop, but can’t hold more. You will hardly fit a notepad, water bottle, glasses, and other things.

Honorable mention : Lufthansa Expert Collection single laptop bag
Lufthansa Expert Collection single laptop bag. 90€ / 100$ – wasn’t fitting my laptop size –

Reasonable price lacking innovation (>100$ and <200$)

As you are in to buy a new laptop bag, you’d expect it to be better than your previous bag.
Otherwise, why not just get the same one, as it one fine for all this time.
These bags are a reasonable choice, and already prove to work, but… lack the feeling of treating yourself with a nice upgrade.

Affordable price laptop bag : Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Briefcase
Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Briefcase. 170$ / 150€ Great style, innovative and class. Lack of space for my taste

Seems perfect… but in the high price range (>200$ / 180€, mostly close to 400$)

Many bags seems to have effectively done the job.
They seems complete, innovative, solid… everything you were expecting.
But the price makes you feel like there is something wrong. Why pay so much for a work appliance, for which you surely started with a free one, given with the laptop or offered by your company, that was fitting perfectly ?
However, they do look great, and will surely make an awesome gift to yourself or somebody else.

High end price laptop bag : Porsche design Shyrt Leather BriefBag LH
Porsche Design Shyrt Leather BriefBag LH – 650€ / 750$ – looks like the perfect laptop bag, for every situation

The stylish, classy, innovative, and affordable solution, Kastel bag

Long researches and comparisons later, finally found THE bag that would be worth investing, for many reasons, including traveling in style, being classy for office, being worth moving from a company bag to a personal investment, and the most important… ability to fit in all the necessary things.
After a few months of usage, the choice is definitely approved and validated, without regret. Only small issue that I’ll take to the retailer soon, the strap is getting used a bit too fast, but shouldn’t be an issue to get a new one.

Best laptop bag choice : Kastel bag Black DONJON
Kastel bag Black DONJON – 114€ / 130$ Complete, stylish, innovative, useful and class. All you need for your laptop.