How to install composer windows

Install xampp on windows 10

The first step is to install xampp, which is one of the best ways to code with PHP on Windows. Composer php requirements are met by the latest versions of xampp in windows 10.

xampp free download for windows 10 64 bit 

Composer download windows

Then, download Composer for Windows, which offers an executable for installation. Composer is a library that handles dependencies for PHP.

Using Composer, it is easy to use existing libraries, as it will automatically install and update the required dependencies – all you have to do it is to trigger this action.

download Composer windows 

Download Composer

Use the given link, and download the binary install file for Windows. The download should be short, as the file is very small. Execute it once downloaded.

How to install composer windows : Download Composer Windows
Download Composer Windows

Windows install Composer

The installation should now have started, do not check the developer mode in the first screen, unless you know what you are doing.

How to install composer windows : php Composer install windows
php Composer install windows

Composer install command

In case more than one php is installed, or it hasn’t been installed in standard folder, here is the opportunity to change it. This step is very important, as the executable will be used to trigger PHP.

How to install composer windows : Select PHP executable path
Select PHP executable path

You can most likely skip this step, unless you are not accessing internet directly – in which case you most likely know what to do here, by providing the proxy URL.

How to install composer windows : proxy url for composer
proxy url for composer

All should be fine now – settings weren’t really hard =) You can proceed with the install.

How to install composer windows : Composer ready windows install
Composer ready windows install

Composer setup should end without issues, it is now time to finish the installation and start using it !

How to install composer windows : Composer successfully installed
Composer successfully installed

Check install in prompt

See how to get to cmd prompt here, by using keyboard shortcut Win+R (standing for Windows Run), and there type simply cmd for command, to open the command prompt.

How to install composer windows : How to cmd prompt
How to cmd prompt

Once in the command prompt, simply type composer and press enter.

If install completed successfully, you should now see the Composer logo and some instructions on how to use it – yes, Composer is mostly a command line program.

How to install composer windows : Composer terminal and logo
Composer terminal and logo

Install Composer on Windows with XAMPP 

What is xampp

XAMPP is a windows program including Apache web server, MySQL database management system, and PHP web development language.

What does xampp do

With a nice graphical user interface to manage all the above programs, XAMPP allows to run a web server on Windows, without having to install manually all the required components.