Knoa UEM: Enabling a More Efficient Work Environment

Enabling a More Efficient Work Environment

After many years of focusing solely on customer experience, businesses are now finally concentrating on providing the best possible experience for their employees. And this doesn’t mean putting a ping-pong table in the lunchroom; organizations are looking for a deeper understanding of how to improve engagement and simplify processes for workers so that they can work as efficiently as possible and not get bogged down by monotonous tasks, non-intuitive user interfaces and inordinately complex processes.

To succeed, companies must first gain insight into how their employees are interacting with the enterprise software applications they use every day to perform their jobs. Are they struggling with certain tasks? Do they seem unengaged or confused following a recent digital transformation project, such as an SAP S/4HANA implementation or migration? And are some of their tasks so simple and repetitive that they can be automated through RPA, enabling employees to focus on work that requires more thought and attention? It is possible to gain better insight into this activity and gather data to make well-informed business decisions.

What is Knoa UEM?

Knoa UEM (User Experience Management) is software that gives organizations complete visibility into employees’ interactions with their enterprise applications. This allows managers to see for themselves any activity that leads to errors, apps that are under-used, workflow bottlenecks, and all the shortcuts and workarounds that users take when they can’t otherwise get their work done. With this data in hand, businesses can then make changes to improve the user experience, such as additional customized training, improving business processes, or updating the interface.

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    Business Applications

    Knoa UEM has several applications in the enterprise, including:

    • Employee Experience Management and User Enablement: With Knoa UEM, enterprises can collect both quantitative and qualitative data about how employees are interacting with the software they use. By analyzing this data, companies can identify and remediate user interface design issues, provide customized training to employees who require it, and implement other process improvements that benefit the whole staff. These upgrades result in a happier and more efficient workforce, more engaged employees, and increased revenue for the business.
    • Business Optimization: Knoa UEM helps enterprises to achieve their business goals by ensuring that all relevant departments have properly deployed their enterprise software, employees are fully proficient, all business processes are efficient, and compliance is always maintained.
    • Digital Transformation: Over 70% of digital transformation projects fail as a result of enterprises not understanding the full scope of what these transitions entail. Knoa UEM can detect any user, system or performance errors that arise during a digital transformation project (such as migration to SAP S/4 HANA), including those that typically go undetected.
    • Help Desk: Knoa UEM optimizes the help desk by enabling support staff to view the exact employee actions that led to an error. They no longer need to try and recreate it based on guesswork; the entire user interaction is laid out for them.

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA): As enterprises begin to implement RPA into their infrastructure, Knoa UEM can help determine which business functions are sufficiently easy and redundant for robots to take on, allowing humans to focus on more strategic tasks.

    The reason behind (most) failed SAP implementations

    Knoa UEM: Enabling a More Efficient Work Environment : Business transformed with user experience management
    Business transformed with user experience management

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    SAP Partnership

    Knoa is a Solution Extension partner of software giant SAP, which sells Knoa UEM as “SAP UEM by Knoa”. SAP customers use SAP UEM to optimize their Fiori, SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud deployments, and to facilitate their migration to SAP S/4 HANA.

    SAP UEM by Knoa delivers advanced user analytics before, during and after the S/4HANA migration to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible:

    • Before: SAP UEM can determine the pain points with which the organization is already struggling, in order to set KPIs and prioritize the migration scenarios accordingly.
    • During: SAP UEM allows businesses to see how applications will perform in the new environment, prior to them being officially deployed.
    • After: Once the transition to S/4HANA is successfully completed, SAP UEM can measure user adoption to see how employees are functioning under the upgraded system, and compare pre- and post-migration productivity to ensure that KPIs are being met.


    Knoa UEM is a software solution that provides insight into how people and processes are supported by their enterprise technology suites. The data collected not only informs businesses on how to institute more efficient processes, but also improves the employee experience by eliminating roadblocks to efficient and effective technology usage.

    Knoa UEM: Enabling a More Efficient Work Environment : Efficient business processes
    Efficient business processes

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    Brian Berns is CEO of Knoa Software
    Brian Berns, Knoa Software, CEO
    Brian Berns is CEO of Knoa Software. He is a successful software industry veteran with over 20 years of executive experience, including as president at Ericom Software. Brian also held the position of Division VP at FICO and SVP of North America at Brio Software (acquired by Oracle). Additionally, Brian has been the founding member of several successful software start-ups including Certona and Proginet. Brian has a BA from Yeshiva University, an MS from NYU, including studies at the NYU Stern School of Business MBA program, and computer science at the graduate school of the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
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    UEM training – SAP S/4 HANA trainings with free trial