LibreOffice get colors back in PDF exports

Since OpenOffice [1] moved to LibreOffice [2], direct consequence of Sun Microsystems bought by Oracle [3], some differences may have been felt, except name change.

One of them, on my LibreOffice version (actually 3.3.3), had a particular impact on me : my PDF exports were systematically black and white.

For example, while working on a LibreOffice Writer document (Fig 1), containing some colored titles, I noticed that PDF export, with same options (Fig 2) as before version change, was exported as a black and white PDF (Fig 3).

Libre Office Writer colored source document
Fig 1 : Libre Office Writer colored source document
LibreOffice PDF export parameters
Fig 2 : LibreOffice PDF export parameters
LibreOffice black and white PDF export
Fig 3 : LibreOffice black and white PDF export

A simple solution that I propose you, is to look in your print options (Ctrl + P). Once in the print screen, go in the LibreOffice Writer tab, and uncheck “Print text in black” option (Fig 4). Cancel is enough, it is not necessary to start printing.

LibreOffice printing options
Fig 4 : LibreOffice printing options

Re-export then your file in PDF, and colors are back (Fig 5) !

LibreOffice color PDF export
Fig 5 : LibreOffice color PDF export

On my computer, this manipulation have to be done each time I start LibreOffice [2], as this option is automatically checked, even if I change it.