How to change GIMP language?

How to change GIMP language? The GIMP language can easily be changed by opening the GIMP interface, and going to the menu edit > preferences > interface > language, and selecting the GIMP language to use in the interface, before continuing image editing with simple functions such as drawing straight lines in GIMP , or […]

Gimp how to draw a straight line or an arrow

As GIMP is an image manipulation program, working on pixels, there is no straight option to draw a straight line. However, this easy trick will allow you to draw straight lines : Select your drawing tool, Put your mouse cursor where the line should start (if you have already used it, it will start at […]

Mass process and update a batch of images using GIMP

In various occasions, it is useful to update in one shot a batch of images. This operation takes a few minutes to setup using the Batch image manipulation plugin for the GIMP. In only a few clicks, it is possible to update as many images as you want – resize, change format, … First of […]

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