Why Startup Should Use a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is the most in-demand marketing tool ideal for startup biz. With more than 5 billion of video content watched daily on YouTube, no wonder incorporating it on your sales pitch and advertising plan is an excellent choice that provides a revenue-generating outcome. Startups cannot risk funding and drying up their investors. 

Investors need to see promising outcomes sooner than what digital entrepreneurs expect. They seek to have massive ROI and are being extra cautious for mistakenly funding unicorns. Though the basis of your success is providing stellar products or services, as a small startup business, you need effective marketing strategies that offer rapid, significant growth. 

This is why video marketing content is your best tool in building a marketing plan that is impactful and consistently effective to guarantee success. 

Why Startups Need Video On Their Marketing Plans?

An effective marketing strategy must help promote your brand’s visibility, increase engagement, customer acquisition, and improve lead generation, resulting in higher conversion rates. With video marketing, you can quickly provide easy-to-digest and shareable content with your target audience. 

As startup biz, regardless of which industry you are planning to conquer, you’ll need to tap into the latest trend and stand out above the competition. Though PPC ads, when appropriately implemented, promise great results, video marketing is now becoming the latest and most effective approach to marketing tools. 

Implementing video content as part of your marketing tool offers a 65% success rate than traditional text-style article content. It has been a good marketing tool used by B2C and B2B businesses to adapt and engage. 

Whether a startup or a small business, you must consider adding short video content to your marketing plan to leverage your current statistics. You can see here the fundamental features of compelling video content strategies to help leverage your business. 

Here’s why startups need to consider using video as part of their marketing tool to leverage business fast and guarantee success: 

Because marketing plans are one of the most important things, but not the only one. Another one of the most important and most difficult things for any business is to find the right customers. It’s all about trial and error. But you can do some research on who your buyer persona is and then plan your marketing efforts accordingly. And remember that you should not get frustrated and impatient at the beginning, because it may take some time to find the right customers in the right place.

  • Video marketing provides an efficient and convenient approach to potential customers.
  • Videos are versatile, shareable, and attractive marketing tools to reach your target audience.
  • Video content offers 600% marketing efficiency compared to direct mail and prints.
  • People prefer watching videos, and 75 million people do it every day.
  • 50% of videos are watched using mobile devices.
  • Video embedded on emails has 13% improved click-through rates.
  • Videos get more engagement if they are short, fun, and engaging.
  • When it comes to conveying the right message and emotion, videos are known for their efficacy. 
  • It helps increase brand awareness by 70%.
  • It helps increase traffic: lead generation, and conversion rate. 
  • Startup businesses that use video as part of their marketing campaign generate 49% revenue compared to not using videos. 
  • Landing pages that come with videos have an 80% increase in sales.

What Are The Most Effective Video Content Marketing Tips

The efficacy of video marketing must not be taken for granted and procrastinated by any business entity and industry. With testimonials from small and established businesses alike, no wonder more and more entrepreneurs venture on video content as part of their marketing plan. Here are quick tips and techniques for a compelling video inclusion: 

  • Optimize mobile viewing

Most people view and access different content, sites and spend their digital moment using mobile devices. Take advantage of these factors and ensure your video content is mobile responsive, faster to upload, and accessible to any screen size. 

Square format video can help increase user experience as it doesn’t require rotating the screen to view the content. Silence is another factor as some videos are now watched without the need to increase volume settings. Add captions and create a powerful visual impact. 

  • Build curiosity

A teasing content with a concise caption builds audience curiosity and encourages engagements and views. You can create video series and end your content with a cliffhanger to drive people to your following content.

  • Keep your content short.

The length of your content varies with how much engagement you can get. Try to create short content as much as possible. 2-minute video content gets the best engagements.

What Are The Benefits of Video Marketing For Startups?

Understanding and taking advantage of the latest marketing trends to increase sales is vital, especially for startups. Video contents are favorable marketing tools for every business and industry. Regardless of your plan, the result is about increasing sales or improving conversion. 

Since video content is highly adaptable and engaging, you can optimize its benefits to leverage your business. As a startup business, here are several benefits you can get with video inclusion in your marketing strategy: 

  • It helps enhance brand awareness.

Videos encourage viewers’ engagements in various ways and offer better attention than other online marketing mediums. Since viewers’ attention span decreases, their ability to read product descriptions is also affected.

Videos improve brand awareness through accessibility, shareability, and viewers’ engagements. With easy-to-digest content and deliverables displayed makes them tangible to potential customers. With appealing video content, it instantly gets shares and improves the brand’s competitive advantage, thus improving your sales rate.  

  • An effective storytelling tool

Videos are practical tools for communications. They are the most effective form to tell your brand’s story. Regardless of how good your product is, it is like a powerful end with no steering wheel without a compelling narrative behind it.

Videos are consumers’ favorite medium as they are appealing to human’s emotions and sentiments. This gives you an effective way to connect with your target audience and spur their decision to purchase your product. 

Videos differentiate consideration, awareness, and stages of purchasing. Videos offer great visuals and music in the background to help convey your message explicitly. 

  • Broadens your target audience

To be on top of the competition and reach a broader audience means you have to increase brand exposure to meet larger audiences. According to studies, ⅓ of internet activities involve downloading and watching videos. This gives startups a higher success rate if they include video content in their advertising and marketing strategies.

  • Boost your sales

The exposure you’ll achieve with video content can be directed toward your sales funnel to improve your conversion rate. A median buyer spends 88% of their time checking various shops with videos to help them decide whether to purchase the product or not.

Aside from improving your site’s engagement, you can take advantage and capitalize on this traffic to help you generate high-quality leads and boost the website’s sales. Even a short video can play an essential role in your buyer’s decision-making journey. 

According to studies, eight over ten people purchase a product or service at the end of a video presentation about a specific product. Moreover, video content marketing significantly improves your lead generation based on the quality of your video. 

Final Words

As a startup business that wants to generate consistent sales, high-quality leads, and increase engagements, video content inclusion is an effective marketing tool to integrate into your strategy. You can explore video marketing’s versatility with various forms, including creating demos for your service or product, animated ads, explainer videos, testimonials, tutorials, and promotional contents, and share them on various channels. 

This gives your business a higher percentage of success and gathers engagements from your target audience or broadens your target audience.