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What is the best notepad app for office productivity? 15 answers from experts

Using the right applications for office productivity is one of the simplest tricks to actually increase it. However, as every company has its personal choice of software, it might sometimes get complicated to get to use the right one.

Personally extensively using the amazing Notepad++ application on computer, to perform common operations such as order a list of values or remove duplicates from another one, and going as far as developing websites by modifying XML files directly in the Notepad++ application, there are many other apps available on the market, for free or with a license, to increase your office productivity, even when working from home.

Therefore, after having asked the community for their personal and mostly professional usage of office productivity Notepad apps, it looks like the most useful ones are the very common OneNote, Evernote and Google Keep – but there are more!

A notepad is one of the most common application used every day on a computer. Do you have a favorite notepad application, do you stick to the standard Windows Notepad or are you using your mobile phone?

There are moments where I go back to the basics and merely type into the note app that Apple has integrated into their systems, but my go-to note taking app is Microsoft’s OneNote.

When choosing applications to use while working, I stick to ones that help relieve tension and stress associated with my work. I am a teacher and it can be demanding. Like other working-class people working physically demanding jobs, sometimes I just want to take things easy.

OneNote is a full-featured system that allows you to take notes, copy and paste links, images, and other attachments to those notes.

The design is relaxed because you can have a textured color background or a simple lined paper look. It imitates a regular binder that has notebooks, tabs, and sections created to enhance the organization.

The design plus the ability to use a highlighter, record audio, make checklists, and draw sketches makes the entire process casual. Which enhances my productivity because I do not feel pressured by a business-like aesthetic.

You can use this software on multiple devices but I prefer the mobile app because of the texting-feel. Sitting at a computer becomes exhausting so doing work from my phone in a relaxed position is appealing.

OneNote is also free in most cases, so there is no hassle when acquiring it.

Imani Francies, insurance specialist, Imani Francies, insurance specialist,

Imani Francies is an insurance specialist at

Robert Moses, The Corporate Con: Evernote showcases all notes either online or offline

Since its inception, Evernote has been our go to note-app on both desktop, tablet, and mobile phone devices. Simply put, Evernote is easy-to-use, has the ability to sync across multiple different devices, and has a beautiful user interface and design. We have used Evernote so much, that we have decided to upgrade to Evernote Premium, which provides us with additional rich features.

What really makes Evernote the best note-app on the market is its ability to showcase all our notes whether online or offline. In addition, Evernote allows us to upload a maximum of 10 GB per month, which is typically more than enough space needed. Lastly, Evernote Premium features the ability to scan business cards, allowing for new contacts and their information to be populated within the system seamlessly.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Evernote is simply put, easy-to-use. It is intuitive and made for the end-user, allowing for notes, documents, and random thoughts to be jotted down quickly and easily. The interface is extremely clean and pleasing, making the act of note-taking an enjoyable experience and not one that feels jarring or difficult. We highly recommend Evernote for anyone who is looking for a note-app that is easy, clean, and intuitive.

Robert Moses, Founder at The Corporate Con Robert Moses, Founder at The Corporate Con

Robert Moses is the Founder of The Corporate Con/noisseur at They provide advice to career professionals on effective job search techniques, resume advice, and retirement planning.

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Deborah Sweeney, Evernote ease of access from any device

My favorite productivity Notepad app is Evernote. It’s the ultimate for jotting down moments that inspire without forgetting about it later, which I feel often happens if I write something quickly in the notes section of my iPhone. If I’m out and about and see something that sparks a lightbulb moment within me, I’ll make the note in Evernote and know that it will be accessible and impossible to forget whether I’m on my phone, tablet, or laptop.Deborah Sweeney, CEO of Deborah Sweeney, CEO of

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, HealthCareers: Evernote replaces pen and paper and is easy to access

I’ve been searching for a virtual notepad for a very long time since I’m old fashioned and have always preferred pen-and-paper for keeping organized.

There may be a psychological explanation as to why pen to paper is so effective, but Evernote is the perfect digital substitute.

Evernote lets you create daily to-do lists and tasks on-the-fly, by either typing or voice clips, neatly arranging them in the app for easy access.

You can also export your notes or import notes in just about any format, including digital photos and audio recordings. The program can also scan the written text and create editable text out of it. This is really cool because now you can integrate photos with useful information with text and audio, then keep it all together.

Personally, I like the quick access voice recorder feature for brainstorming and creating urgent to-do tasks. For routine tasks, I can create lists for every day of the week highlighting what needs to be done.

If any tasks need to be delegated, such as sending my wife my half-finished grocery list, it’s easy to quickly share it via instant messenger or email.

Whether you use Evernote personally or for your business, I think it does a very good job as a standalone organization tool available as both a smartphone and desktop app.

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic MD, medical advisor at HealthCareers Dr. Nikola Djordjevic MD, medical advisor at HealthCareers

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic is a Doctor of Medicine who graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine in 2015 and obtained his medical license in the same year. Since then, he’s become a practicing family physician and also founded which explores the holistic benefits of CBD.


Kenny Trinh, Netbooknews: Google Keep is quick to use and easy to share

I use Google Keep
Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family.

  • Capture what’s on your mind: Add notes, lists, and photos to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you can find it later.
  • Share ideas with friends and family: Easily plan that surprise party by sharing your Keep notes with others and collaborating on them in real-time.
  • Find what you need, fast: Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and get on with your life. If you need to find something you saved, a simple search will turn it up.
  • Always within reach: Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer, and Android wearables.. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices so your thoughts are always with you.
  • The right note at the right time: Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store.

Kenny Trinh, Managing Editor of Netbooknews Kenny Trinh, Managing Editor of Netbooknews

I am the editor of a gadget review publication. We have helped thousands of readers in gaining knowledge around all kinds of tech subjects. I think I can provide some cool insight into your article.


Frank Buck, Evernote handles all

Evernote has been my go-to notetaking app for the last 8 years. Whether it’s a thought, a photo to snap, audio to record, or information from a website to grab, Evernote handles it all. I can add information from anywhere and on any connected device. Ditto from retrieving and sharing information. Search in Evernote is incredible. At the end of a busy day, everything I have thrown at Evernote is in one place, and is ready for me to review act upon, and file accordingly. Some people may want one app for the quick and simple and another for information of substance. I would rather have one tool that can handle all my information.

We all need to focus on the task at hand. In order to focus on one thing, we must have a place to put everything else. Evernote is that place.

Frank Buck, author, Frank Buck, author,

Frank Buck (@DrFrankBuck) is the author of Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders. Global Gurus Top 30 named him #1 in the Time Management category for 2019 and 2020. He speaks throughout the United States and internationally about organization and time management. 

Learn more at his website:

Matthew Kircher, Fairpoint Wealth Management: OneNote is ideal for taking notes

As an Independent Financial Advisor, I need to be extremely efficient and productive when it comes to running my business and managing my client’s investments.

The single most important software/app for taking notes and for office productivity is *Microsoft OneNote*! You can use it on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone, and continue right where you left off.

Matthew Kircher, MBA, President of Fairpoint Wealth Management Matthew Kircher, MBA, President of Fairpoint Wealth Management

Matt launched Fairpoint Wealth Management, an independent registered investment advisory firm, while attending business school at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Fairpoint Wealth Management

Anh Trinh, GeekWithLaptop: Workflowy serves both notetaking and project management

I suggest using Workflowy. It’s a notetaking application that also serves as a project management app. The app is mainly used for notes as its ability to create detailed outlines of things ranging from a to-do list to writing a mini-novel. Its organized structure is what makes it a good project management app that helps keep track of all the work done by your employees. Lastly, you can easily zoom in and out of the app which helps you keep track of the bigger picture, which is perfect for anyone in a managerial position.

Anh Trinh, Managing Editor of GeekWithLaptop Anh Trinh, Managing Editor of GeekWithLaptop

Anh built his first desktop at the age of 10 and he started coding when he was 14 years old. He knows a thing or two when it comes to finding a good laptop and he aims to share everything he knows through his websites online.


Stacy Caprio, Growth Marketing: physical notepad is better than any app

I have found using a physical notepad and pen to be better than any app for office productivity. When I write my notes and to-do’s for the day on a physical notepad, it stays in front of me as a reminder and doesn’t take time to access or distract from what I’m working on.

Stacy Caprio, Founder, Growth Marketing Stacy Caprio, Founder, Growth Marketing
Growth Marketing

Simone Colavecchi, Google Keep acts as a real notepad

Recently, a friend asked me to try OneNote which is available in a free version for both desktop and mobile. As much as I enjoy using it I have to say that my favourite mobile App is* Keep Notes* (Google Keep). It acts as a real notepad and it allows you to take a photo or attach a screenshot as well as drawing, recording voice messages and list items (useful for shopping lists).

One instance in which Google Keep proves very useful is during a presentation. I remember being in a confined space full of people – holding a real notepad and pen proved impossible. Well, I opened Google Keep on my mobile, took pictures of the presentation, added comments and even recorded the voice of the speaker. Everything in one app.

Simone Colavecchi, SEO Consultant, Simone Colavecchi, SEO Consultant,

Esther Meyer, Grooms Shop: OneNte is preinstalled andeven records audio notes

I am an avid note-taker, if that’s even a thing. I mean, whenever I come across something important, or I think there’s something that’s worth noting, I take notes. I know I cannot commit everything to memory, so whenever necessary, I ‘write’ things down. After all, information in working memory has a short duration of around 10-15 seconds unless it is actively attended to or rehearsed.

My favorite, and the best Notepad app for me is none other than MS Office OneNote. Yup, that’s the one pre-installed on my PC. I love that I can pretty much anything with it, even record audio notes. That’s neat, plus, it can actually read my not-so-good handwriting when I do notes from my phone) and convert it to text. I believe it makes me more productive because it helps me to review things and ideas that have just crossed my mind. I mean, of course, some brilliant ideas come when you least expect them.

Esther Meyer, Marketing Manager @ Grooms Shop Esther Meyer, Marketing Manager @ Grooms Shop

My name is Esther Meyer. I'm the Marketing Manager of GroomsShop, a shop that is providing high-quality personalized gifts for the wedding party..

Grooms Shop

Domantas Gudeliauskas, Zyro: Toggl to set up projects, add tasks, and make notes

You’d be crazy to use the default Notepad app. It’s like trying to be productive and shooting yourself in the foot to make it harder.

Time tracking apps are the future for this kind of use. My personal favorite is Toggl.

Set up projects, add tasks, and make notes there. Not only do you have the chance to take notes on a more comfortable platform while having formatting options to help you better remember notes at a glance. You’re also planning, attaching notes to specific projects or tasks, and on top of that, you know how much time you’re spending doing things.

Now I’ll be honest. It’s not a pickup and play kind of app like it is with opening a notepad. You’ll have to spend an hour or two setting it up, figuring out what works for you, but that time will be won back when you won’t need to go scrolling through a long .txt file or browsing through your drive looking for that specific project’s specific note, straining your eyes, looking for that specific line.

If that’s a bit too complex, there are still plenty of alternatives out there. Google Keep, for example. It’s cross-platform, has great formatting, even if it is a bit simplistic. Either way, it’s still much better than staring into that featureless notepad window.

Domantas Gudeliauskas, Marketing Manager at Zyro Domantas Gudeliauskas, Marketing Manager at Zyro

Domantas Gudeliauskas is a Marketing Manager at Zyro - an AI-powered website builder.


Jason Davis, Inspire360: Evernote to seamlessly switch between computer and phone

My favorite Notepad application is Evernote. I have the desktop and mobile app and I’m able to seamlessly switch between my computer and phone while writing notes without skipping a beat. I also invite co-workers to some of my Evernotes to collaborate on projects and share information.

Jason Davis, CEO, Inspire360 Jason Davis, CEO, Inspire360

Jason Davis is the CEO of a SAAS company with a team working entirely remotely.


Norhanie Pangulima, SIA Enterprises: ColorNote for mobile phone, Simple Sticky Notes for Windows

I am using Notepad applications both on my computer and on my mobile phone because it’s my habit to write reminders to keep my work organized and take note on whatever thoughts I would have. Since I was a student, I love writing notes so it will be easier for me to remember when examination day arrives. According to research, important information that is being written had a 34% chance of being remembered.

Here are two of my favorite Notepad apps (for desktop and mobile phone):

  • 1. ColorNote. I am using ColorNote Notepad for my mobile phone. I like its simplicity and user-friendly features. It is available on Playstore for free downloading. There are a few colors to choose from if you want your notes to be categorized by color. It also has a Search feature where you can type in words or phrases you want to look for from your notes.
  • 2. Simple Sticky Notes. This free Notepad app is available for Windows. By clicking its icon, a notepad will appear on the desktop and you can start writing notes right away. Like the ColorNote notepad, it also has multiple colors to choose from. The best feature of this app is that you can connect your notes to Cortana and Cortana may remind you about what you wrote.

Norhanie Pangulima, Content Marketing Executive @ SIA Enterprises Norhanie Pangulima, Content Marketing Executive @ SIA Enterprises

As a Content Marketing Executive, I've been sharing my insights on topics such as social media marketing, digital marketing, and much more.

SIA Enterprises

Majid Fareed, James Bond Suits: OneNote can even save pictures

I use Onenote it can save pictures too and well organized and the best thing about OneNote is, its cloud-based system when I update something from my Pc then I can check it from my Smartphone.

Majid Fareed, James Bond Suits Majid Fareed, James Bond Suits

I am Majid Fareed. I am a digital marketer and content writer for James Bond suits.

James Bond Suits