2 Things You Should Know About Online Personal Training

Having personal training online is increasingly popular. It is comfortable, economical and allows for individualized training, at your own pace and when you want. But you should know that… Zoetalentsolutions offers several online training courses for developing your business skills and improving your business profitability.

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Great skills to aquire through online training can be very different: Microsoft Office usage, website monetization, SAP implementation with SAP online training, and many more.

Online personal training

A personal training helps you to be more inspired and exercise with more consistency to achieve better results.

However, personal online training is increasingly in demand. Especially for people who need or want to improve and who don’t have time to go to a specialized training center. Or simply prefer to do it from home, or even outdoors.

This type of training is booming for two main reasons :

It is cheaper. The online trainer designs the training programs regarding ERP or Microsoft Office lessons and sends them to you by email, explaining everything you have to do. The face-to-face sessions are better, but an experienced person will understand the concepts and know-how to do it.

The personal trainer who wrote you a training routine focused on your goals explains how to develop your ERP or Microsoft Office skills.

Of course, the success or failure of this way of working depends on the student’s ability to follow it. Many times it also depends in the follow-up and the involvement that the trainer has towards the student.

Keys to choose your trainer online

1. There are many ways to have an online personal trainer for an ERP online training or MS office onlines courses.

Mobile apps

There are thousands of mobile applications available in the market that give you “personalized” online training programs.

These applications can be useful, but you have to know how to choose them well.

Beware of applications that only give you a training routine and follow you up “type” based on some parameters that you have previously indicated.

The reason to distrust them is simple: no person is similar to another.For this reason, every individual needs different things, even following a common goal such as losing weight, increasing muscle mass or getting fit for example – and that is even more true for ERP skills or MS Office competence.

And it is true to say that virtual trainers or apps are far from reproducing the knowledge of a real life professional of business and computer activities.

Online personal trainer

Professionals in technical software such as ERP products, SAP system, or Microsoft Office suite are undoubtedly the best persons to provide a personalized quality training, should it be online or offline.

There are three major differences between an online personal trainer and apps and devices:

The trainer adapts the training to your possibilities. Taking into account if you have a lot of work and stress. And even if it rains or some other unforeseen event happens, everything will be taken in consideration.

He knows how to offer the programs that you appreciate the most, and will offer you variety to always keep you motivated.

He teaches you the correct technique for each of the exercises to avoid mistakes.

2. Personal online training is not only to receive information, but it is also to inform your trainer.

The success of personal online training lies in the information you exchange with your trainer.

The first online training session should be held in person or using videoconference. In this way, the personal trainer can see how the student works, make a prior assessment and teach the entire training program to be effective.

And afterwards, the instructor will follow up to make sure that the student or client is fulfilling the training objectives.

For this, you must share a lot of information with your trainer, since the more data you receive about the work you do, the better you can adjust the plans together.

See below what is effective management, and how it could help you to better get online training and learn skills such as Microsoft Office or with SAP online training for business.

2 Things You Should Know About Online Personal Training : Effective management infographic
Effective management infographic
Online SAP and Excel trainings
Online SAP and Excel trainings

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