9 surprising ways to optimize push notifications for your blogs.

As blogging has overgrown, so has the amount of information available on the internet. The competition increased dramatically and promoting the content became the critical component to the success of blogging.

Email marketing and social media have been powerful channels for content promotion, but they are losing their edge. So now brands are searching for new and different ways to promote content.

If you have a blog and you are trying to improve web traffic, go through this. Below are the 9 surprising ways to optimize push notifications for your blogs.

1. Build a marketing list easier and faster

Building a marketing list is the primary strategy for any online marketing. In developing a marketing list, your goal is to convert as many visitors of the site to subscribers as possible.With push notifications, building a high potential marketing list is easy and quick.

A user visits your site for the very first time, as a marketer using all your exceptional marketing strategy approaches you made exclusive incentives available on the homepage to attract and turn that one visitor to a subscriber. How irresistible the incentives are, still the chances of subscribing are at stake. The odds mainly stopping the visitor to convert is the long process of submitting details in the opt-in form.

This is where the push notifications stand out from other conversion methods. Push notifications service offer a single tap subscribe option. When users visit a website integrated with push notification, a subscription prompt pop-ups directly on the screen. Users, by just clicking on the allow button on the subscription prompt, can easily subscribe and can be added to the marketing list. To click on the button is easier than filling a form and there is no need to share personal information as in email subscription.

Each click on the ‘Allow’ button adds a subscriber to your list way easier and faster.

9 surprising ways to optimize push notifications for your blogs. : Push notification registration request
Push notification registration request

2. Break News Faster

The primary goal of content-based websites is to provide content to keep subscribers updated with the latest happenings and information. The digital world is all about being instant and trending. If a news website shares the breaking news after a few hours the event happened, it is not going to break anything. All other sites publish the articles on the same event but what you can do to differentiate yourself is being blazing fast. That is what your subscribers expect from you as a news website.

Push notifications can alert the subscribers about the breaking news covered in your website instantly. You can create a manual campaign, compose the message, select the recipients, push the message, done! Push notifications deliver breaking news messages in real-time which can be viewed instantly keeping your website in the field.

9 surprising ways to optimize push notifications for your blogs. : News delivered by push notification
News delivered by push notification

3. Notify through RSS feeds

Users visit the websites when new and trending content is on the site. When they don’t find such content, they will leave the website and don’t return. To make the content more discoverable, sending notification of the published content to the user through RSS can help. By creating an RSS feed, all new posts will be fed into RSS and it will be easy for the user to find the recently published content.

4. Segmented targeting

News and information can be about anything like politics, sports, entertainment, business, technology. As a content-based website, you may publish a number of articles in various categories. Sending notification to all the subscribers whenever a new blog is published on the website is bad marketing practice.

Users expect the content personalized and relevant to their interests. Segmented targeting is possible with web push notifications. Notifications can be made audience-specific based on their previous behavior on the website.

For example, say you categories of politics, business, sports and entertainment, and others. When you publish an article on politics, you can send a notification to a segment of users who have previously read the article on politics. With these kinds of campaigns using push notification engagement is highly guaranteed.

9 surprising ways to optimize push notifications for your blogs. : Notification campaign delivered by push
Notification campaign delivered by push

5. Promote the old blogs

Updating the website with fresh content regularly is good for your traffic. Trusted followers base and the readership increases day by day. But have you ever thought about your old blog posts?

Old blogs used well can get massive traffic to your website and push notifications can help you with that. Create a notification campaign ‘Blog for the day’, select one of the old blogs relevant for the day/which is interesting, update it if needed and push the notification along with published new blogs daily. All your new followers who didn’t read the old blog and the old followers who find the blog relevant are directed to the website. So push notifications help you get all the traffic you can get from an old blog.

6. Engage in mobile without an app

With an increasing number of people holding a smartphone, mobile will be an opportunity to market your business to a large pool. Web push notification is definitely one best way for marketing. Web push notifications can send messages to users irrespective of their devices. With a push, notifications message is delivered on user’s desktops, tabs, and mobiles as well. To engage mobile users with your content you don’t need an application when you have web push notification, just a website is enough.

7. Brand awareness

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness. We all know that. But are you aware of how push notifications can be a powerful tool to increase brand awareness through blogging?

Important blogs which can deliver the message of your brand and create an impact on your subscribers are pillar blogs. These blogs are the foundation of your business. Then categorize these blogs and start a drip campaign. Sending push notifications to read these blogs in a series allows subscribers to know how you started, what you do, and how you help them, what are the motto of your business and everything about you. You are feeding them on a daily basis and slowly marking your brand’s impression on them.

All this is an easy way to build your brand with push notifications using your blogs on the website.

8. User retention

As marketers, you spend all your efforts and resources on attraction and conversion with a less focus on retention.

Selling your apples to the customers who already purchased, tasted and liked them is easier than selling to the first time customer who doesn’t know you. So retaining back these users who previously read your blogs and subscribed is customer retention. A balance between customer acquisition and customer retention is the standard need to be maintained in business.

Push notifications can help you with that in an excellent way for your content publishing sites and here it is what you can do.

Treat them with extra care and at a more personal level because they are already your subscribers.

Share content which is still relevant to your loyal readers and send reminders to renew the subscriptions.

Send a message about what they are missing out and tell how much you love them to be back. Send notifications whenever the content which they are interested in is published on the website.

Other marketing channels can also do all these, but push notifications are actionable. It is not going to an unopened inbox and waiting there to be read. It is there before subscribers at a distance of a click. Push notifications tell subscribers what is there and also show a way to reach that.

9. Increase in repeat traffic

Not so surprising after knowing all the above ways to use push notifications for blogging. Targeting segmented users, re-using old blogs, user engagement with personalized notification, user retention, mobile engagement, when all these are done right using push notifications, will eventually increase in your repeat traffic.