Find a material classification in SAP

SAP’s Material Master Classification view (Fig 1) is very particular.

SAP, MM03 classification view
Fig 1 : SAP, MM03 classification view

It does not contain direct values from one or more tables, but it have values from several tables linked together.

Even if the general links are quickly explained online[1], it may be useful to learn how to navigate in these tables, this in order to identify particuliar values, and find out easily these values for a group of materials.

Starting point is of course the classification view (Fig 1) of a material (for example TEST_MAT on classification 001).

By browsing the INOB table, “Link between Internal Number and Object”, via SE16N transaction, lookup data with your material number as value for field OBJEKicon.

You’ll get then a value in CUOBJ. Be careful, this value may be displayed, as it is for me, without leading zeros. In my example, displayed CUOBJ is 92286 (Fig 2), while its real value, necessary for the next step, is 000000000000092286.

SAP, table INOB
Fig 2 : SAP, table INOB

To get the real value, you simply have, in SE16N, to exporticon results, and then display them in a spreadsheet (Fig 3). It is now possible to copy the complete CUOBJ value.

SAP, INOB table excel export
Fig 3 : SAP, INOB table excel export

Go then in table AUSP (Fig 4), “Characteristic values”, with the value found previously, with which you can fill the OBJEK field.

SAP, AUSP table
Fig 4 : SAP, AUSP table

Take care to fill in the KLART field as well with the classification type, 001 in my exampleicon.

You will get, for your object, values ATINN and ATZHL (Fig 4), that you can then re use in table CAWNT.

Finally, by filling these values in CAWNT (Fig 5), “Value Texts”, you will find values assigned to your material (Fig 6).

SAP, CAWNT table criterias
Fig 5 : SAP, CAWNT table criterias
SAP, СAWNT table display
Fig 6 : SAP, СAWNT table display