Android how to transfer pictures to new phone without losing information

When getting a new Android phone, there is no overall easy way to transfer all data from an old phone to a new phone. Each brand and models rely on different technologies, which usually are not available on previous phone, and different tricks must be used for each phone. In order to transfer all the […]

SAP how to create a profit center – solve issue profit center does not exist

While creating a Cost Center in SAP, the issue KM701 Profit Center does not exist might arise – or, simply, looking how to create a Profit Center ? Or trying to use an inactive Profit Center, but getting the error KM738 Profit center saved in inactive status (see below for this last error) ? If […]

Excel how to make a table look good ? MS Excel 2013

Wondering how to make a table look good in MS Excel 2013 ? Here are a few steps to help you, with a full example below : Format as table, using Excel predefined styles, Copy formatting, from one cell to another, Merge and center, when cell descriptions applies to several columns / lines, Add borders, […]

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