The Best ERP solutions For Small Businesses

Enterprise resource planning is a crucial aspect of any business. ERP solutions for small businesses aid in monitoring, storing, and integrating data from various business sources and departments.

ERP solutions for small to medium companies are essential in streamlining operations by organizing supply chains and integrating numerous business accounts, which makes it easier to manage manufacturing operations within an organization.

With the right ERP for your business, you can control all your business applications and activities using one powerful application.

Different ERP’s are designed for various functions. The ability to select the right ERP solution will significantly influence your organization’s interoperability and its levels of success.

But what should you look out for when going for the best? ERP’s are generally used to manage production, oversee order processing, and tabulate inventory. Nevertheless, all small and medium businesses require additional applications within the software that will be responsible for dedicated tasks in different departments.

Types of enterprise resource software and what to look out for

There are three basic types of ERP software. These are; Web-based software, Industry-specific software, and small business ERP software. If you are a small business owner, some main features of ERP software that you should look out for include;

  • Business intelligence
  • Accounting and billing
  • CRM capabilities
  • Supply chain management
  • Analytics and reporting.

A favorable ERP software for your business is one that can integrate all your business functions into a centralized unit. Even though some of these software may be expensive, they are essential in maximizing your organization’s efficiency.

ERP software can simplify and automate crucial business processes. This will give you the ability to control all aspects of your business at the click of a button.

The best ERP solutions for small business

All small businesses with less than twenty employees require first-hand management of their resources to maximize their revenue and production. Small businesses form the backbone of the world’s global economy since they collectively generate more revenue than most super-sized organizations. Some of the best ERP solutions for small businesses this year include;

1.) NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a modern cloud-based ERP solution that is designed to scale up your business as it grows. This ERP solution is a product of Oracle which ensures that you get the best features from a leading organization in the industry.

NetSuite incorporates all the relevant functions that you will need in your business, like accounting functionality, financial management, demand planning, invoicing, and many other features. It also provides full visibility to all your operational departments through accurate reporting and business intelligence.This software has a demo product that you can leverage to learn more about its main features. It is currently one of the leading ERP solutions in the world.

NetSuite ERP Review
NetSuite ERP

The Best ERP solutions For Small Businesses : Oracle NetSuite screenshot
Oracle NetSuite screenshot

2.) Scoro

Scoro is a multi-feature online ERP solution that is designed specifically for small to medium-size businesses.

Scoro’s key features facilitate efficient project management and sales services by using work scheduling and tracking capabilities, CRM, billing, quoting, live reporting, and a user dashboard.

With this ERP solution, you can manage all aspects of your business automatically from a central hub where you can monitor all events within your organization.

Scoro ERP Review
Scoro ERP

The Best ERP solutions For Small Businesses : Scoro ERP screenshot
Scoro ERP screenshot

3.) Business cloud essentials

Business cloud essentials is another comprehensive ERP software that offers robust solutions with multiple modules.

Its features of CRM, payroll monitoring, and accounting make it ideal for running small to medium businesses.

The software has a platform that provides multiple solutions that streamline business activities while minimizing accounting errors.

Business Cloud Essentials Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives
Business Cloud Essentials

The Best ERP solutions For Small Businesses : Business Cloud Essentials screenshot
Business Cloud Essentials screenshot


Selecting the best ERP solutions for your small business is critical to its success. SMEs and start-ups usually face multiple challenges that revolve around limited resources and inadequate finances to effectively carry out their activities.

Obtaining a reliable ERP solution can enable your business to maximize efficiency and rise to greater heights while ensuring success.

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Sarah Franklin, Co-Founder of Blue Tree AI on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Working in the digital marketing and SEO industry requires great organization and management skills in order to stay on top of daily tasks and produce a great service.

Since the technology industry is where we thrive, we know exactly how effective and efficient it is to use ERP in business. We have chosen to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the last couple of years and are extremely impressed by the improvement of internal function we had after integrating this software.

Microsoft has a great reputation and develops valuable products for their customers, which is why we chose to initially try this software as a solution to the troubles we were having. We have found the most useful tools that work to create real change are cleaning up operations to promote customer interaction and excellent data recorded to influence new choices. Other benefits include sales/ marketing help and financial guidance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives great help and knowledge for products/ services, employees, and customers. It is such a profitable resource that will build a business correctly and in the intended direction for success. With easy communication methods for individual use and to chat with representatives, there is not much that is missing in this recipe for powerful growth.

Sarah Franklin, Co-Founder of Blue Tree AISarah Franklin, Co-Founder of Blue Tree AI
Blue Tree AI

Co-founder of Blue Tree AI and heads up overall client strategy for our agency. I am a master of optimization and am currently working on completing my novel.

Yuanming Chu, President/Founder, Alpha Variance Solutions LLC on implementing an ERP for small business

In implementing we use a 6 stage process:

  • *Diagnostic *- This phase provides an overview of the proposed implementation process and lays out the rest of the methodology for companies to envision and how it will work for them. Alpha Variance’s support representatives will help you plan your conversion and installation strategy, developing an Implementation checklist based on the unique operational challenges and business objectives.
  • *Analysis *- Taking the information, processing it and obtaining clear and concise results where better decisions are made.
  • *Design *- By creating unique implementation processes geared specifically for a business, the chances of implementation problems by helping manage complexity, risk, and data integration challenges are significantly reduced..
  • *Development *- Alpha Variance will develop a systematically guided implementation approach to help mid-market manufacturers reduce the chance of implementation problems.
  • *Deployment and Operation* – Once the implementation has been approved and streamlined, the time to manage the system’s operations are handed off to the company that will receive continued support from Alpha Variance.

Yuanming Chu, President/Founder, Alpha Variance Solutions LLCYuanming Chu, President/Founder, Alpha Variance Solutions LLC
Alpha Variance Solutions LLC

Yuanming has over a decade of experience in ERP implementation for businesses of all sizes. She started Alpha V with three principles in mind: expertise, agility, and integrity in mind. She is an active advocate for the growth of women in technology.