ME47 SAP quotation creation for purchasing in easy steps

SAP quotation explained A quotation in SAP is created as part of a SAP purchase order creation in the SAP MM module, after having received quotations from a supplier following a request for quotation that has been sent to them. It is a document received from a supplier that contains its terms and conditions for […]

Request for quotation: Create easily an RFQ in SAP using ME41

What is an RFQ in SAP? An RFQ in SAP, short for request for quotation , is a document created following a purchase requisition , and sent to potential suppliers, to be able to compare in the SAP system different SAP quotation that have been received from these providers. As part of the procurement lifecycle […]

Cost center does not exist

Cost center does not exist KI265 The message KI265 cost center does not exist can be solved by either selecting a correct cost center, or by creating a cost center for the required period corresponding to the purchase order being created for example. This SAP FICO error might happen in SAP S4HANA and R3 versions […]

SAP accounting data not yet maintained

SAP accounting data not yet maintained for material One solution is to open the transaction MM50, extend material views, and find the maintenance status B for accounting. Enter the number of the material missing the accounting data, and execute. The plants will be listed, included the one for which the accounting view is missing. Select […]

SAP find out which views are open for a material / article

Want to know which views are open in Material Master MM03 transaction for a material, and for which organization(s) : plant / storage location / warehouse number / storage type / sales organization / distribution channel / valuation area / valuation type ? It is possible to do so by using SE16N, the table viewer. […]

SAP Assign purchasing organization to company code and plant

After having created a new purchasing organization, the next step is to assign it to both a company code, and a plant, in order to be able to use it within the MM module. Otherwise, some issues may be faced while creating Purchase orders for example. First of all, go to the customization transaction SPRO, […]

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