Error Message M8889 Account has been set as not relevant for Tax

Solve SAP error M8889 account not relevant for tax During the creation of an incoming SAP supplier invoice as part of the plan buy pay process in the operational procurement scenario, you might run into the error account has been set as not relevant for tax. This SAP error simply mean that the account must […]

How to perform quotation price comparison in SAP?

Price comparison in SAP After having performed operations of the procurement lifecycle management such as create several purchase requisition, sent request for quotation to different vendors, received their SAP quotation and registered them in the system, it is possible to compare the SAP quotation prices received in the transaction ME49 compare prices, to select the […]

ME47 SAP quotation creation for purchasing in easy steps

SAP quotation explained A quotation in SAP is created as part of a SAP purchase order creation in the SAP MM module, after having received quotations from a supplier following a request for quotation that has been sent to them. It is a document received from a supplier that contains its terms and conditions for […]

Request for quotation: Create easily an RFQ in SAP using ME41

What is an RFQ in SAP? An RFQ in SAP, short for request for quotation , is a document created following a purchase requisition , and sent to potential suppliers, to be able to compare in the SAP system different SAP quotation that have been received from these providers. As part of the procurement lifecycle […]

What is procurement lifecycle management for operational purchasing?

Operational procurement lifecycle management The operational procurement lifecycle management process enables a company to make purchases that will be valuable for the office, production or sale departments. SAP sales and distribution online training The larger the business, the more it will benefit by applying best purchasing practices. In any case, even the smallest companies will […]

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