Personalize colors for several SAP systems

Have you ever wonder how to change the layout of your SAP frontend ?

That is pretty common.

But, you maybe also wanted to apply different colors to different systems.

This, because you may be working at the same time with a lot of them, which is quite common for several purposes : development; test; production; …

When you get a SAP logon as full as this one (Fig 1), you may want to apply to some of them a different color.

SAP Logon
Fig 1 : SAP Logon

You don’t want to make a mistake in production, only because you have a development mode opened at the same time, and just switching windows.

You can easily get something like this (Fig 14).

SAP main screen
Fig 14 : SAP main screen

It take only a few minutes to quickly visually differenciate your systems.

Here is the key !

First, just open a mode, and go to the “Design Settings…” (Fig 2).

SAP Design settings
Fig 2 : SAP Design settings

Open there the second tab (Color Settings) (Fig 3), take a look at the different themes, and choose the one that you will use for all your systems.

SAP Color settings
Fig 3 : SAP Color settings

Then, simply select one of the styles associated to the chosen theme, and play with background / foreground colors (Fig 4).

SAP color settings
Fig 4 : SAP color settings

When you’ll have something that fits your needs (for example, a yellow based color settings), just click on “Save As…” (Fig 5), and choose a name for your new style, like “Yellow-tests”, and click Ok.

SAP Save as
Fig 5 : SAP Save as

Now, an important step, is to go to the first tab, “General”. Here, you have to select the theme you want – which should be the one in which you created your new color settings – and change from default System Dependant (Fig 6).

SAP System Dependant by default
Fig 6 : SAP System Dependant by default

Now, back on your SAP Logon, just log in a system, select the “Set Color to System” (Fig 7), and, here, select the color that you want (Fig 8).

SAP Set color to system
Fig 7 : SAP Set color to system
SAP color settings
Fig 8 : SAP color settings

Repeat the step for each system to change the color settings like this (Fig 9).

SAP color settings
Fig 9 : SAP color settings

Small hint : after all those steps, you may end with a styled SAP Logon that you would want normal.

In this case, just go to the Color Settings again, which is a tab located in the “Design Settings…” (Fig 10).

SAP Design Settings
Fig 10 : SAP Design Settings

There, select the default set of colors that you want for your SAP Logon, and click OK.

As you applied a color setting for each system, you are now back to normal… With different colors for each system, for example development (Fig 12), test (Fig 11), validation (Fig 13), production (Fig 14)

SAP main screen
Fig 11 : SAP main screen
SAP main screen
Fig 12 : SAP main screen
SAP main screen
Fig 13 : SAP main screen