How Do You Post On Instagram? Quick Steps For An Excellent Post

How do you post on Instagram? Instagram is growing faster and faster, threatening Facebook ‘s first place as the most popular social network in the world. That won’t sound scary Facebook much, as it is the owner of Instagram. Well, if you’re a newbie to Instagram, you might wonder how do you post on Instagram. […]

View Instagram stories archive

Story saver for InstaGram The stories are automatically saved on Instagram application, and can be accessed from the rewind icon the account page overview. After a story has disappeared, when the 24 hours publication have passed, it is still possible to access all the previous stories, and see the details of that story: who has […]

How to share Instagram story to Facebook

It is possible on Instagram, when sharing a picture, to have it automatically shared to Facebook, and this everytime a story is posted. download instagram app for android download facebook app for android Download instagram for iphone Download facebook for iphone To activate this possibility, go to the options and find the linked accounts menu […]

Instagram video upload stuck

When uploading a video on Instagram, it might happen that the upload gets stuck in the middle of the upload without any apparent reason – it might even stop Instagram from working. To make sure this doesn’t happen, first make sure of the following : the video respects below technical requirements, especially maximum length, one […]

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