Car Insurance Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is a popular avenue to earn money on a blog because it’s easy, and it is consistently successful at bringing results.

To be successful, though, you have to market the affiliate well and drive traffic to your site.

Car insurance affiliate programs are a subcategory in Affiliate Marketing. And a good affiliate program can help you, the blog or website owner, earn a significant income.

Everyone who drives needs insurance. That means if you use a car insurance affiliate program, you can market it to just about anyone.

Liability insurance is required for drivers nearly everywhere in the U.S. and in addition to liability coverage, there are optional coverage types that also have a large audience.Collision insurance is the option that covers your own costs if you cause an accident, and comprehensive insurance covers acts of God.

Clearly car insurance has a wide audience — nearly everyone that reads your blog. Most of your readers could benefit from looking into the affiliates that are advertising with you, but you need to expertly execute your use of the affiliate program to earn the best results.

What is a car insurance affiliate program?

Car Insurance Affiliate Programs : Checking traffic sources
Checking traffic sources

An affiliate program is a system where you get paid by your affiliate company or companies every time a visitor to your site obtains a quote or makes a purchase from one of your affiliates.

Each car insurance provider has their own program. Some of them pay you a fixed price for every quote and every policy. Some just pay when someone purchases a policy. Others pay a percentage of the policy purchased.To put it simply, a car insurance company advertises on your website.

Then, when someone from your audience clicks on the advertisement and gets a quote or buys a policy (depending on the terms of your affiliate agreement), you get paid.

For you to make money, three things have to happen:

    • You have to drive traffic to your blog
    • Your audience must click your affiliate link
  • Your audience has to convert (give their information for a quote or purchase a policy)

We’ll dig into these steps later.

It’s not only good for the blog or website advertising for the car insurance company, but it is also good for the insurance company. Essentially, they get to advertise for free, and only if their advertising brings traffic to their site do they have to pay according to their agreement.

Is my blog right to become a car insurance affiliate?

Car Insurance Affiliate Programs : Questions about car insurance affiliate
Questions about car insurance affiliate

Obviously, if your blog is about car insurance, it’s a prime candidate to become an affiliate. But you don’t have to be about car insurance to be a good fit.

Car blogs have an obvious connection. You can’t drive a car without car insurance. Car blogs and car insurance blogs make the best fit with car insurance affiliate programs.

Ask yourself if your content is related to driving. Travel blogs may be able to relate easily to driving and the need for insurance.

Finance blogs can potentially make the connection to saving money on car insurance. Car insurance has to organically fit the subject material, though, for an affiliate program to be successful.

In the case of a travel blog, if a person is checking out a post because they’re interested in the best restaurants in Prague, they’re probably not going to be searching for a new car insurance company.

If, however, they’re reading your post because it covers rental car insurance for their next road trip, they may be interested in seeing what your car insurance affiliate advertisement offers.

The car insurance company will have criteria for affiliate programs. If your blog fits into their criteria, you may want to consider a partnership.

How can I be successful with a car insurance affiliate program?

Car Insurance Affiliate Programs : Climbing steps towards an idea
Climbing steps towards an idea

The key to success in any website is knowing your audience and meeting their needs.

SEO Success

Blogs posts that are hidden five pages back on a Google search aren’t going to pull in many viewers. Blogs that make it on the first page get more traffic.

Keywords are probably one of the most important factors in driving traffic. You need to use keywords that your prime audience is searching for.

And don’t just throw them into your blog post randomly here and there. Make sure they’re part of your title and part of your headings.

A keyword search tool will help you narrow down your list of possibilities to the best ones. Once you decide on the keywords that will drive traffic to your site, cover the content in a reputable and thorough manner.In addition to creating great content and improving your SEO success, consider marketing yourself through other avenues. Some of these marketing tools include the following:

  • Social Media
  • B2B Marketing
  • Build Backlinks

The more you can build your reputation and trust with your audience, the better for you financially.

Click Success

If you throw an affiliate link into filler words, or into unrelated content, your audience isn’t going to click on it. That method looks, and is, spammy.

Anchor those links to three to six words that are directly related to your car insurance affiliate program. Then, if your audience is interested, they’ll click without being surprised.

A link in the text is just one way to market your car insurance affiliate. Another is with box advertisements. Once again, make sure that the picture box fits with what you’re talking about.

Conversion Success

The closer your page is to the conversion page of the buyer’s journey, the better. Affiliate advertising on posts that cover buying car insurance or switching car insurance is going to perform better than in a post about general insurance information.

Succeeding in conversion is very closely related to click success. If your audience clicks on your strongly anchored text, it’s because they’re interested. From there, they have to be willing to give information and buy.

If your affiliate program pays you for when your audience gets a car insurance quote, it will probably be a lower dollar amount per conversion, but you will probably have more viewers who convert.

If your affiliate program pays you when your audience buys a policy, you will probably get a higher payment, but there won’t be as many conversions because not everyone who gets a quote buys a policy.

Some affiliate programs are better than others, and you must examine your goals and your history to decide what program is right for your blog.

Final Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

Car Insurance Affiliate Programs : Growing success
Growing success

If executed well, car insurance Affiliate Marketing can help you earn a substantial income. Your content has to be superb, though, and you have to offer a solution to your audience’s problem.

A blog closely related to car insurance will bring you the best likelihood for conversions, but having a niche blog isn’t enough. You also need to draw traffic and sell your product.

Saving money on car insurance is good for your audience, so if you sell them on it, their loyalty to you and your brand will grow. The next time they have a question, they’ll be more likely to look to you and your affiliates for the answer.