Google Cloud Platform: Basics & Pricing

Google Cloud Platform overview

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Does it offer a cost-effective solution to your storage needs? If you are interested to know more about GCP and Google Cloud Platform pricing, you can go through the following article to have a better understanding of GCP and the Google Cloud Drive pricing.

Google Cloud: Cloud Computing Services

Google Cloud Platform

What Is Google Cloud Platform?

GCP, or Google Cloud Platform , is the creation of Google. It is a suite of the clouding computing designed to offer different services. These services can run on the infrastructure that Google utilizes to serve its end-users products that include YouTube and Google Search.

This management tool can offer modular cloud computing services such as machine learning, data analytics with Google Cloud Services , computing through the Google Compute Engine , and data storage in Google Cloud account. You can simply register by using your bank account details. You can also use your credit card for the registration.

What Are the Offered Services?

Google Cloud Platform offers serverless computing as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure service. In 2008, Google first introduced its App Engine Platform to develop web applications in the data centers managed by Google.

This was Google’s first cloud computing service and it became available for users in November 2011. After the introduction of the App Engine, Google added many other Google Cloud Services to the Google Cloud Platform .

Google Cloud Platform is the new addition to the many Google Cloud benefits . This latest addition will come with a cloud platform, the G Suite solution , and application programming interfaces to promote machine learning and mapping services with Google Compute Engine .

Google Cloud Drive pricing in G Suite solution

Google Cloud Platform: Basics & Pricing : Google Cloud Drive pricing in G Suite solution
Google Cloud Drive pricing in G Suite solution

What Are the GCP Sources?

It will come with a set of some physical assets that include hard disk drives, computers, and virtual resources. The virtual resources like virtual machines are added in Google’s data centers.

The data center location is the global region. The global regions are East Asia, Western Europe, and Central US. Each region is the collection of a few zones. Resources can be used together for the benefit of users.

Google Cloud Pricing

When it comes to pricing, you can expect customer-friendly pricing with cost-effective solutions. Google cloud storage pricing is only $10. Besides, there will be no upfront cost.

You can pay for the service you are using. There will be no termination fees as well. If you want to decide to terminate, you can go back without bothering about the termination fee.

In brief, you can say that there is no upfront and termination fee. Also, you just need to pay for the service that you are using. You can also expect some discounts and can enjoy the services at much less price.

Google Cloud Drive pricing in G suite solution

Google Cloud Platform: Basics & Pricing : Google Cloud Drive Pricing 10€ per month for 2TB storage space
Google Cloud Drive Pricing 10€ per month for 2TB storage space

How to Interact With Services

There are three ways to interact with the service. These are command-line interface, platform console, and client libraries.

What Are The Benefits?

The key benefit is the affordability and easy to use platform. You will also get fast and efficient technical support at the time of the need. They built the infrastructure for maximum efficiency and easy usage. You can focus on the business without taking care of technical needs.

The technical infrastructure boosts in the matter of a few seconds with faster local SSD, faster instant networking, and faster storage. The machine will be constantly optimized as well.

There are many Google Cloud benefits that will fit different usage types, with a Google Cloud Drive pricing starting at only a few dollars per month – or even free for small usage.

Start creating a Google Drive new account now to use the G Suite solution , or a free Google Cloud account to benefit from advanced Google Cloud Services such as using the Google Compute Engine .

Google Cloud Drive pricing in G Suite solution

Google Cloud Platform: Basics & Pricing : Google Cloud products and services
Google Cloud products and services