7 Best free WordPress Adsense plugins to boost revenue

7 Best free WordPress Adsense plugins to boost revenue Google Adsense and WordPress make the best pair for earning money through website monetization. To make the best out of Adsense, you need to place ads properly on your website. If you place ads somewhere at places, where your audience hardly reaches, then there is no […]

WordPress switch back to classic editor

WordPress back to previous editor To go back to the previous editor of WordPress, go to plugins > add new > classic editor, install and activate the classic editor plugin. WordPress Classic Editor plugin WordPress Gutenberg With the latest update of WordPress 5.0, a new WordPress content editor is included, called Gutenberg, which have a […]

WordPress sitemap XML SEO sitelinks list

WordPress get all pages In order to get the list of links from your WordPress websites – which you might need for example to get all links from a website to share it, or create a list or redirection pages after a WordPress change site URL, install the plugin All In One SEO Pack. See […]

WordPress image thumbnail not generated

Having been using the plugin Media File Renamer for quite some time with great success, it seems like with one of the latest updates, the thumbnails are not generated anymore. After adding a picture to a post, and saving the post, the image is renamed, but is not visible in the post anymore, nor the […]

WordPress missing language posts links with Polylang

When managing a multilingual WordPress blog, and having posts in several languages, it might happen that some posts that have been translated are not linked between each other, with PolyLang plugin. See below example, this published Polish version of a post is not linked to any other language. In the posts list, it is clearly […]

WordPress how to move installation, change directory and URL

In order to move your WordPress installation to another directory, you need to execute a few steps. 1 – Changing URL with folder eventually changed accordingly On your admin page, go to Settings. There, change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL), to match with the target folder – in below example, installation is […]

How to share a Facebook page on WordPress or your website

If you want to share or include a Facebook page on your WordPress blog, or on any website, it is pretty simple. First of all, go to the Facebook page you’d like to share, for example MI morena beachwear, and copy the URL from the browser’s address bar. Go to the Facebook’s Page Plugin from […]

WordPress rename pictures automatically

For a better SEO, but also not to share your local files names, especially for pictures / images medias, and avoid sharing bad names like 11-finalresult.png in the example, but having a nicer ms-excel-2013-how-to-make-a-table-look-good-resize-columns-to-fit-content.png instead, a good and simple solution is to use the plugin Media File Renamer. See also WordPress howto install a plugin […]

WordPress how to get website links list

In order to get the list of links from your WordPress websites – which you might for example to share a list of links, or create a list or redirection pages, install the plugin All In One SEO Pack. See WordPress howto install a plugin if your aren’t sure how to proceed. From the administration […]

WordPress howto install a plugin

Installing a plugin in WordPress is pretty straightforward, using the plugin repository available on the administration interface. First step, move your mouse over the Plugins menu of the administration interface, and click on Add New You’ll then see the plugin repository. In the search bar on the top right, write a keyword or the name […]

WordPress activate gzip compression – Google PageSpeed Insights Enable Compression

In order to render your web pages faster from WordPress, and to score higher on Google PageSpeed Insights, especially on the Enable Compression test, you should activate Gzip compression. You can check if that’s the case for your website on gidnetwork. Quick hint : best solution is to activate gzip compression for WordPress with PHP […]

WordPress change number of posts on the homepage

If you feel like your homepage should display more posts, there’s a simple option that allows you to change the number of posts displayed. In short, go to WordPress admin > Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most => and change the value to the desired one. For example, by default there was […]

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