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Google notepad online: 2 solutions to organize your work

Notepad softwares are getting a lot of downloads recently. But, if you do not want to mess your computer, you may prefer to use an online notepad.

Right now, a big part of the population is starting working from home due to latest changes in work habits. Those workers do not have the same environment at home compared to their office. Your personal computer probably does not have as much space as your professional one.

Using an online notepad helps you to clear your mind by throwing all your ideas on paper. But, afterwards, you do not want to lose them when you close your browser. So, to sum it up, you need a safe online space that will save your notes.

You can even use it on the go to keep working on digital products for example. It has so many different uses possible! You could even create an online course from your phone by simply use the right Google notepad online solution on your smartphone.

The options available

There are two different ways going for Google notepads available online. You can either use Google Keep, or use Google Chrome add-ons.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a good choice for having cross-platform note-taking app that plays well with others Google tools and all the Google apps, as it works on any Web browser. The only downside is its lack of organization features. It works with iOS, Android and a Web Browser. It is totally free, and available on every platform.

Thanks to your Gmail account, you can access your Keep notes from all your devices. It is simple and looks like a sticky notes wall. If you are a post-its lover, it will amaze you.On the other hand, since it looks like a wall of stickies, it means that you only have one label of tags. The hierarchical organization does not exist, which means that you cannot easily build a folder system.

Google Keep notepad online

Google notepad online: 2 solutions to organize your work : Google Keep on smartphone in web browser
Google Keep on smartphone in web browser

Notepad online

Notepad online is a Google Chrome add-on that is simple and can sync between devices, edit notes as text (.txt) and HTML. It can also save notes on your computer.

You can upload your notes or download them. You can also load notes from your computer. You can edit the notes you loaded. There is a dark theme, just like in Google Keep. You can view your HTML notes in every browser.

The toolbar is well designed to easily format your notes.

Notepad online Google Chrome extension

Google notepad online: 2 solutions to organize your work : Google Notepad online Chrome extension
Google Notepad online Chrome extension

The difference between the two

As you can see, the features of those two options are the same. The difference is on the way you save your notes. With Google Keep, it will save automatically to your Google account. You can then get them on Gmail or everywhere you want.

On the other hand, with add-ons, you must download them (in .txt or HTML) to your computer. Those files do not take any space at all, but you may have trouble to organize them. If you are well organized, you can turn this to your advantage and create a nice folder system on your computer to save and loads your notes.

Why use a Google notepad online?

Having digital notepads is always a good idea. Indeed, a Notepad app work just like physical notepads. They also have advantages. Even if notes are often personal, you may want to share them on day.

Sharing your paper notes, with scribbles and badly written text will not impress your colleagues. On the other hand, digital notes have a perfect look.

You can erase, create, organize easily. Basically, you can have cleaner notes using the same amount of time.